(Clearwisdom.net) On September 29, 2002, while I was on the road to the town of Dongguo (Panshan county, Liaoning province), policemen Cao Zhiyou and Jin Weiting from Shishan police station kidnapped me, and sent me to the police station. They forcefully handcuffed me and made false accusations against me. After the Panshan county political and Judiciary committee secretary, Liu Chengyuan, arrived, they sent me to the Panshan detention center.

After I arrived at the detention center, I thought, "I should not stay here, I must resist the persecution by going on a hunger strike." On the morning of October 1st, the superintendent of the detention center, Dai Yongming ordered Doctor Cui to buy equipment for use in force-feeding. In the meantime, policeman Li Xueqiang, was in the room cursing and hitting me. He also asked a criminal to hold me down as he tried to force a bottle size amount of water down my throat.

The next day, Li Xueqiang asked the criminal in the cell to hold me down trying to force feed me with water again. This time, they were only able to force down a little water. On the evening of October 1st, at 7 pm, the police doctor Cai, about 55 years old, force-fed me with food for the first time. He let a criminal push me down onto a chair, and hold my arms, and head, then Doctor Cai took a rubber tube and inserted it into my nose, then used a wide injection tube filled with water and corn paste to forcefully feed me through my nose. On October 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, I was also force-fed. On October 7th, they couldn't pour any food into me through my nose because it was swollen, and my phlegm contained some blood. They weren't able to insert the tube into my nose anymore. Doctor Cai inserted the tube into my throat again, but that was not easy. Before each force-feeding session, Doctor Cai would hit me or curse me, and also used an acupuncture needle to stab into my face, Renzhong point, ear, hand, or foot at random in order to torture me. The policeman Liu Han also struck my ear and the area around it.

I had the thoughts that the evil is certainly not horrible. I must take my right path. With firm righteous thoughts, one can certainly endure the difficulties.

Due to the failure of force-feeding me, the detention center sent me to Panshan hospital to start intravenously feeding me on the afternoon of October 8th. The Political Security Section of Public Security Bureau in Panshan County sent three policemen to guard me. In the meantime, they contacted the staff of my working unit, asked them to send 2 people in each shift for 3 shifts a day, to watch me in turn. They also borrowed the foot shackles from detention center. During the night, to prevent me from escaping, they used foot shackles while they were sleeping. At that moment I became very quiet inside and it was then I understood that I should leave the detention center. I knew they couldn't restrain me in there.

If one can really lay down life and death, one will become indestructible. In the detention center and the county hospital, I did my best to clarify the true situation of Falun Gong and the Dafa practitioners suffering persecution as much as possible. Many people didn't believe what I said, but some people had changed their thoughts and felt my words made sense. I thought, "If just one person can change his thoughts, and their conscience becomes awakened, all my suffering was worth it."

Around 10 pm on October 12th, the police played all day, and they also drank much liquor that night. So when they came back, they all went straight to sleep, and forgot to put me in the foot shackles. Because I had been on a hunger strike for 14 days police officer Wang said there was no need to worry about me escaping since I couldn't walk. A thought came to my mind suddenly, "let them all have a sound sleep, so I can leave here." Soon after, with squeaking sounds, the two gates opened by themselves. Then I stood up and walked quietly down the hall. While I was going downstairs I found there was no one around to stop me. By firmly believing in Dafa and Teacher and the righteous thoughts of my cultivation, after 14 days on a hunger strike, I was able to escape the persecution and rejoin in the process of the Fa-rectification.