October 5, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) We should consider Jiang's visit to the U.S in terms of the overall Fa rectification strategy. I have had several thoughts that I have listed below to share with fellow practitioners.

It is Crucial and Associated with the Overall Fa Rectification

The old forces have arranged both the Communist Regime and the Democratic Free World, and evenly balanced the two. The old forces' intention is to destroy all beings. In the last stage, even people in democratic countries are facing the danger of being dragged into the abyss. Right now, the widespread trend of choosing money over justice as observed in Western governments and corporations reminds us of a statement in the Bible's "Book of Revelation," which states that the "great whore" commits adultery with kings of many nations. The U.S is the leader of democratic countries; it is also the place where many Dafa practitioners as well as Master stay. Yet Jiang dares to come here and spread poison. We can see how aggressive it is. It is also a manifestation of the desperate final struggle of the evil old forces.

Texas and its state government are placed in a critical position at this crucial time; thus the evil's interference is most focused here. This is reflected in many aspects, and some have even been arranged over a long period of time. Dafa practitioners in other parts of the U.S. can at least start right now to send forth righteous thoughts to help eliminate interference and clear the dimensional field of the greater environment.

This is not only the work of Dafa practitioners in Texas; it is also the work of all Dafa practitioners, especially the U.S. practitioners. Master is benevolent. Practitioners who have not yet stepped forward should not miss this opportunity again. Maybe many practitioners cannot directly participate in this Texas project because of other things, such as other projects, jobs and family, but Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts are powerful. The key is to understand it from the perspective of the Fa and to take it seriously in our minds.

Clearing the Field with Righteous Thoughts is Top Priority

Jiang's life is supported by many evil beings, and he needs such a material field to preserve his life wherever he goes. This time, clearing the field in the U.S. is the natural responsibility of all U.S. practitioners. It will also reflect the macroscopic cooperative ability of the U.S. practitioners. This process is very important. As for the results, Master told us to do three things well -- study the Fa, clarify the truth and send forth righteous thoughts. If we can do all three tasks well without emphasizing one over the other or missing any one of them, then the outcome will naturally be the best.

We realized that among the three tasks, clarifying the truth and sending forth righteous thoughts with a clear aim can both work directly to achieve the effect of "de-poisoning" in a centralized manner. We, especially the U.S practitioners, should pay full attention to this issue. Those who have been doing it should keep up the good work, and those who haven't should start immediately. In fact, some groups have already started to send forth righteous thoughts at frequent intervals in addition to clarifying the truth about Jiang's planned visit, both of which work very well for specific local efforts and clearing the evil field on a larger scale.

Do It Ahead of Time in a Planned Manner

Before, we did things passively many times. In the beginning, we all started at a slow pace without any sense of urgency, and we got flustered and hurried when we finally realized the urgency. Our behavior in the past shows that, on one hand, our practitioners do not have a visible organization, which is good; on the other hand, it also shows that our mentality is not yet mature with respect to understanding issues and doing things together.

The Fa rectification has different requirements for us now, so we must do better to keep up with its needs. We learned about Jiang's visit quite early, but if we keep thinking, "It's still early," then it's likely that we will make the same old mistakes.

The Issue of Distance

[Sending forth righteous thoughts in] "Close proximity" is certainly good. However, a practitioner talked about the lesson he learned from sending forth righteous thoughts in Russia about being too attached to "close." We should instead solidly do well the three things Master mentioned. We should act like divine beings who suppress the evil, extinguish the chaos and let the evil disintegrate by itself within the field of righteous thoughts. Therefore, the key is to pay serious attention to this issue as early as possible, and improve ourselves in terms of xinxing and understandings of Fa principles, instead of just thinking about sending righteous thoughts in "close proximity" only once at the end of the month [when Jiang visits the US]. Of course, close proximity has its benefits and we should take full advantage of it; however our minds should be mature. Maybe the previous events were only exercises for us to improve. When we can do everything well, then perhaps it will be the real thing.

Value the Process; Do Not Be Attached to the Result

From the many experiences of the past several years, again and again we have seen for ourselves that everyday people pursue things they want with attachments, but cultivators give up attachments to get what they want. Only by truly improving our xinxing can we achieve the state of "Do but pursue not, Often stay in the Dao." ["In the Dao", Master Li's poem collection Hongyin, unofficial translation] Only by "Do but pursue not" can we avoid being trapped within details and swayed by superficial things such as quantity of work completed; only by "Often stay in the Dao" can we achieve the best results in all aspects, but these results are absolutely not the fruit of pursuit. Therefore, we have to study the Fa no matter how busy we are; we must study it with a full heart, because studying the Fa well is what guarantees that we will not become attached to any illusions of the human world.

Above are some conclusions from a discussion among Dafa practitioners. Please point out anything inappropriate.