(Clearwisdom.net) Taiwanese practitioners visited Holland for three days to collaborate with Dutch practitioners' truth clarifying activities about Falun Gong. On September27 at 2pm, we gathered at the Binnenhof, the famous square in front of the government compound in The Hague. Soon after we started demonstrating Dafa exercises, three photographers from local news agencies showed up to take pictures and conduct interviews. A few minutes later a few policemen showed up as well. It turned out that the location was wrong. The permit said we should be at Binnenhof Square. Nobody is allowed to demonstrate at the Binnenhof instead of directly in front of the government compound. We explained to the police that it was a misunderstanding, and packed up and went to the right location. However the pictures had already been taken. The next day a beautiful picture was published on the front page of a regional newspaper. Several other newspapers also published a picture. It showed a Taiwanese practitioner doing the Falun Standing Stance in front of a monumental building with two towers. In the center of the picture was the button of the practitioner that read "I support Falun Dafa."

We continued our activity in front of the Parliament building. We lined up and set up our posters and started to practice. During practice, a representative of the Commission for Foreign Affairs received our materials. Since the members of the commission were not in that day, he assured us he would forward it to them and said that they were eager to receive the information. He wished us good luck with our activity and with reaching our goal. Afterwards, two practitioners gave a short speech to inform the passersby about the unjustified persecution of Falun Gong in China. Then a 16 year-old Dutch practitioner spoke of the suffering of his relatives in China who were victims of the persecution.

Again a few photographers showed up to capture our activity. In a national newspaper a beautiful picture was published of a practitioner doing the Lotus Palm. The accompanying text to the picture read "Falun Gong adherents give a free lesson at the square in front of the parliament building. They demonstrated yesterday against the persecution of their movement in China and the human rights violations there." Afterwards we learned it was the Day against Violence; we couldn't have chosen a better day.

On the evening of that day the practitioners went to the Chinese embassy to hold a candlelight vigil. By candlelight they performed the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts. The day's activities were succesfully concluded at midnight.

On Saturday, the practitioners went to Rotterdam to clarify the truth there. Their tranquil exercises caught many people's attention and many truth clarifying materials were spread. On Sunday the practitioner gathered in Amsterdam. At the Dam Square they performed the exercises and many people learned about the true character of Falun Dafa. Among them were many Chinese people. This activity was also very positively reported by a national newspaper (article from "Het Parool").

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