Dafa practitioner's family members also participate in clarifying the facts

Since a fellow practitioner refuses to give up cultivation, the police often go to her home to harass her. The practitioner always maintains righteous thoughts. Under her influence, her husband, a non-practitioner, gave up his fears and started to firmly protect her.

Another practitioner has tried very hard, not slacking off, and has finally obtained her family's understanding and agreement that Falun Dafa is good. Her family no longer opposes her giving out truth-telling flyers and posters. They even do it together with her and look after her, etc.

A letter to overseas practitioners from a new practitioner in China who obtained the Fa three months ago

Recently, regardless whether they are Chinese people from Mainland China or overseas Chinese, people have changed dramatically. Not only are they willing to listen to the truth, but some of them also help practitioners to spread the truth around. Moreover, some of them even joined the cultivation of Dafa. The following is a letter to overseas practitioners written by a practitioner in China who obtained the Fa three months ago:

"I was deeply moved by a practitioner's experience-sharing article in which she described how she followed Teacher to different places to listen to the Fa lectures in 1993. I will read the book Zhuan Falun devotedly, and practice the exercise diligently. Nowadays we do not have the chance to listen to lectures delivered by the Teacher himself, yet through reading this book we can listen respectfully to his teachings."

Dafa practitioners from a certain area clarified the truth through thick and thin

Practitioner A: He was twice detained in labor camps. The second time he was released after going on a hunger strike. While in the camp, over 10 policemen beat him up brutally, and 2 of his ribs were fractured. His wife was tortured to death in prison just because she firmly practiced Dafa. He has been forced to become homeless. Right now, his mother is lying in bed sick and his child is left home with no one to take care of him.

Practitioner B: A family of 4 was sent to labor camps illegally. At the moment one of them is still jailed in the labor camp while the others are homeless and are busy with Dafa work.

Practitioner C: He went to other provinces to do Dafa work after he was released from the labor camp. Not long ago he was arrested again and his tooth was pried out while the police force fed him. After he was sent to the labor camp, he continued to hunger strike. The labor camp dared not retain him so they released him.

Practitioner D: After he was released from the labor camp, his family stopped him from contacting other practitioners. After he explained the truth to his family carefully and patiently, his family did not disrupt him afterwards. Now practitioner D clarifies the truth wherever he goes.

Practitioner E: After getting out of the labor camp with righteous thoughts, he has taken up the leading role in clarifying the facts in the local area. When the police officers tried to arrest him for a large reward, he acted calmly. He bought many fabrics and made many beautiful banners. Under his influence, many practitioners went out to hang banners. Banners filled the town's streets overnight.