A county police station chief in a southwestern province watches out for Dafa practitioners

A county police station chief in a southwestern province witnessed how his relatives benefited from practicing Falun Gong. During the three years of inhuman persecution of Falun Gong, he remained clear-headed and proactively helped local practitioners to avoid any possible dangers. Whenever a secret order was given to persecute Dafa practitioners, this chief would immediately inform Dafa practitioners of the upcoming danger. Meanwhile, with this chief's lead, local policemen also voluntarily protected Dafa practitioners. One time, the local policemen were given an order to arrest Dafa practitioners in other areas, but these policemen tactfully avoided it.

In a southwestern university, a department political party chairman protects Dafa practitioners and stands up for justice

In a southwestern university, a department political party chairman understood, supported, and proactively protected those college students who practiced Dafa. When the "610 office" (a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches) and a few hired thugs on campus intended to kidnap Dafa practitioners in his department, this chairman steadfastly resisted the persecution and proclaimed that these were good students who should not be taken away. When Dafa practitioners were illegally detained, he proactively rescued them. When "610 office" personnel intruded into classrooms and wanted to kidnap Dafa practitioners to a brainwashing center, he spoke out sternly for justice and steadfastly protected Dafa practitioners from being taken away.

The change of a military official in a southwestern province

A military official in a southwestern province invited his mother-in-law to live with him. His mother-in-law is a Dafa practitioner and brought many Dafa books and some truth-clarification materials. This official did not understand the truth. He wanted to destroy the Dafa books and the truth-clarification materials. His mother-in-law clarified the truth to him and asked him to take Zhuan Falun with him on a business trip. After coming back from the business trip, he said to his mother-in-law, "You go ahead and keep practicing Falun Gong. I understand now that Falun Dafa teaches people to accumulate virtue and to do good deeds. There is nothing wrong with it. Encourage my kids to practice with you."

"It is Dafa and Teacher that saved her life"

Not long ago, a Dafa practitioner gave a truth-clarification VCD to a relative of my colleague. After watching the VCD, my colleague's relative asked her family to watch it with her. In addition, she gave out some truth-clarification materials to her relatives. One day, she was hit from behind by a motorcycle that was moving at high speed. She was thrown more than 10 meters and immediately fell unconscious on the site. The witnesses said that she would not be able to survive the accident. In the hospital, she was in a coma for more than 9 hours. The diagnosis indicated that there was a large blood clot in the back part of her brain. However, the X-ray photograph showed no injury to her skull. The following day, a miracle occurred. The blood clot inside her head had disappeared and she did not feel any pain at all. Furthermore, CT inspection indicated that the spur in her lumbar vertebra was miraculously gone. The third day after the accident, she was able to resume her work, and the fourth day, she and her family went on a tour. Now her whole family knows that Falun Dafa is good and they said, "It is Dafa and Teacher that saved her life."

A high demand for Zhuan Falun

Dafa practitioners in a southwestern province did a good job in producing and spreading truth-clarification materials. They also found that more and more ordinary people (workers, farmers, and intellectuals) want to read Zhuan Falun. Thus, the local Dafa practitioners overcame many obstacles in duplicating Zhuan Falun and the 9-day lecture VCD. They delivered the books and VCDs to those people who are eager to learn Dafa. People were very excited to obtain the book. In addition, thinking of those fellow practitioners in jail, Dafa practitioners made a special pocket sized version of Zhuan Falun for them.