I picked up a flyer that contained a picture and explanation of the 36 western Falun Gong practitioners who traveled to Tiananmen Square. It also contained an article by a Canadian practitioner. The flyer had a few scissor cuts on it but the content was still easily readable.

Later on, my husband and I took our child back to our hometown, and we took this flyer along with us. Since the three of us are Dafa practitioners, we often clarify the truth to our relatives; they all know that Falun Dafa is good. This time, over a dozen friends and relatives took a close look at this flyer. Some even read it to their friends. By the time the flyer was finally passed back to us, the cuts on the flyer were repaired.

Looking at the repaired flyer, I was very touched and couldn't stop my tears. A tiny flyer showed me hope for living beings; it showed me the righteous mind and righteous actions of people after they learned the truth.

We then went over to another town to clarify the truth to our friends and relatives. On the way there, we shared a taxi with two other people whom we didn't know. Once we were in the car, I took out that special flyer. I said to myself, "I picked up a flyer. Looks like it is Falun Gong related. Let's take a look." My husband said, "Let's me see." I answered, "Let me read it to you."

I read it with a pleasant tone. The atmosphere in the car suddenly was relaxed. Everyone was listening. The driver sometimes would say, "That's good."

They were attracted to the Canadian's article. Halfway through the article, I intentionally gave the article to the young man sitting next to me. I said to him, "I am holding my child and it is not too convenient to hold the flyer. Maybe you can read it. Everyone wants to hear it."

The young man gladly took the flyer and continued. His voice was loud and clear. I quietly sent forth righteous thoughts. The atmosphere was compassionate and peaceful.

When we were about to reach the destination, the driver expressed his opinion, "I have always suspected that something was wrong with what was shown on TV. If it was as described on TV, why were there so many people practicing it? It is impossible that all these people are fools. If [Falun Gong] is not good, they would stop practicing. We never saw anyone who practices Falun Gong commit suicide or kill others. On the other hand, even if Chinese are fools, what about foreigners? Are they fools also? Why are there so many people practicing it in other countries? The government only knows how to lie to the citizens."

The driver asked me whether I could give him the flyer. He wanted to show it to his friends. I truly bless this driver: Kind hearted fellow, your action now is determining your opportunity to be saved in the future! I wish for this beautiful flyer to continue to produce more beautiful stories.