(Clearwisdom.net) The evil forces in other dimensions are using all their strength to deal with Dafa practitioners. Evils in almost every dimension have surfaced and are trying to get into Dafa practitioners' space systems and interfere with Dafa practitioners' trips to Chicago and Houston, using such means as traffic jams, delayed flights, car accidents on the way, etc, to stop practitioners from arriving at their destinations on time.

This is the best chance to eradicate the corrupt substances in Dafa practitioners' own universes. Since so many evils have emerged, it is not easy to keep our main consciousnesses clear. Especially when we send forth righteous thoughts, the evil focuses on practitioners' remaining attachments to interfere with us and lessen the power of our righteous thoughts. Normally, it is not hard to keep our minds peaceful and clean for five minutes, whereas it takes a strong will to keep a pure and clean mind for the five minutes in which we send forth righteous thoughts.

The gods in other dimensions often do things together. They don't have concepts about who is more senior, who is junior, who is more powerful and who has more glory, etc. The gods attach importance to cooperation and the basic idea they consider is how to perfectly coordinate with other beings. The children in heaven don't have lessons, nor do they have the "comparative" way of thinking, such as who runs faster, who is more powerful, who wins, who loses, etc. Children play all day long and the aim of all games is about how to cooperate to accomplish things together.

Dafa practitioners are climbing toward a huge mountain and Master Li stands at the top.

After so many generations of effort and overcoming all kinds of difficulties and barriers, some practitioners have almost reached the mountaintop, and some practitioners are still laboriously climbing in the middle of the mountain. Some practitioners are successively dashing towards the top of the mountain. Some practitioners are short of food and some don't have enough strength. At such difficult moments, practitioners need to help each other in order to reach the mountaintop together. However some practitioners only care about dashing forward themselves, and are unwilling to help their fellow practitioners who run out of strength and almost can't keep climbing.

However, the last test is to test cooperation and test the whole body. Otherwise, even those practitioners who seem to be almost at the top of the mountain could fail in the end. "Opening the heavenly circuit is not itself the purpose of the practice... through the method of the heavenly circuit one aims at opening hundreds of energy channels via one energy channel, and one can thereby open all the body's energy channels." (Zhuan Falun).

The above is just a personal understanding and is limited by individual levels and personal factors. Please take Dafa as the teacher.