While doing Dafa work, we usually think that we have put our hearts into it and we have done our best, but we often don't think about why the work has not gone well or why problems occurred. In fact, doing something with one's heart is not simply doing our best in the superficial sense that we understand the expression to mean.

Teacher said that there are degrees of how much we give our hearts to something. In the process of Fa-rectification, how much we commit ourselves is manifested everywhere: Have we committed our hearts? How much have we committed? With what kind of attitude do we commit ourselves? Do we consider it helping others or doing our duty?

In clarifying the facts about the persecution, do we do it with a pure and benevolent heart, do we do it with the urgency of saving people from fire and flood, and do we carefully observe and try to understand the obstacles in everyday people's minds and their mental blocks?