Greetings! Dear Master, and fellow practitioners:

I am from Taipei and I attained the Fa one and a half years ago. Although I have been involved in various aspects of Dafa work, since I first started to practice, I have been busy doing related work with a Dafa website and I have become deeply engrossed in it. For this reason, I thought I could share with you today my experience and understanding of "A Dafa practitioner in the midst of Fa-rectification and cultivation can at any time establish righteous thoughts."

1. Eliminating misconceptions formed in society.

I recollect that initially, in my cultivation process, I began to notice that my concepts and habits were inconsistent with the principles of the Fa, Zhen Shan Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance). Then I began to notice the selfishness of many people in the world and I wanted to avoid all worldly undertakings and materials.

However, I repeatedly read this in "Lun Yu:" "Only through "the Buddha Fa," can the mysteries of the universe, time-space, and the human body be completely unveiled. It is able to truly distinguish what is righteous from evil, good from bad, and eliminate all misconceptions while providing what is correct."

I thought about my cultivation in Falun Dafa.. No matter how I cultivated, how I understood the Fa, if only I could utilize the principles of Fa to deal with everything in this everyday world, I should be able to transcend concepts that limit people and adopt a more proper view!

Because of this, in my daily life, no matter who I met, said anything to, or did anything with, I tried my best to consider and recognize everything from the point of view of the principles of Fa.. Indeed, very rapidly, my fears vanished. I became more rational and more wise.

2. Righteousness and steadfast personal cultivation are closely inter-related.

As I began to have a better understanding regarding occurrences and materials around me, I noted down my observations and realizations and submitted them to the Dafa website. In the beginning, as a result of diligently studying the Fa, coupled with being able to look inwards for self--deficiency when confronted with problems, I would then use what I realized in the Fa principles to be strict with myself. Because of this, I was able to submit, as frequently as weekly, articles of observations and realizations as well as experiences during cultivation.

But after taking on more work in Dafa, the study of Fa and my cultivation began to slacken, and gradually I found myself sitting idly in front of the computer, with hardly any observations and realizations. Even when I had a bit of experience I could not produce any articles at all.

After facing conflicts and tribulations and overcoming them, I was able to elevate my xinxing; then I could immediately produce a couple of articles without effort. Such experiences made me fully realize why Master incessantly requires us to be "Dafa practitioners performing Dafa work," because if we are not, extraordinary virtue and ability are absolutely non-existent, and therefore we cannot perform the work of Dafa well.

Especially for this website, the requirements are that they must have a theory and proof. Therefore, I discovered that when my condition is pure, I am able to satisfactorily complete an article in an hour or so. But, on several occasions, when I had attachments about correcting my fellow practitioners, or criticizing someone's undertakings and at the same time tried to write an article, due to my thoughts not being upright and pure, the result was that I could not even write part of an article and had to stop. Even if I did manage to complete an article, it was rather difficult for it to be accepted and published.

In fact, even while submitting my article, I had a very uneasy feeling, because the article was written without conforming to the requirements of my xinxing at that moment. That is why once I became calm and searched within, I could immediately perceive my attachments and inadequacies. But, after continuously and repeatedly practicing and maintaining pure thoughts, frequently, after each period of time, I discovered that as I viewed the various events in the normal human world, I could more and more treat those events with a pure and harmonious attitude.

Besides writing articles, I perused the articles posted in the Dafa websites, which often allowed the deeply ingrained attachments within me to surface. For example, for a period of time, as I read the articles of fellow practitioners graciously pointing out the deviations in the ordinary human society, I often felt repulsed, and disliked the sharp language the fellow practitioners used.

But, due to my not searching within myself seriously to find out why the articles irritated me, eventually, whenever I came across such articles, I just refused to read them.

In the end, during several of the committee discussion sessions at the website, I continuously defended some wrongdoings of people in society--so much so that my fellow practitioners could only advise me to study the Fa more diligently and read more of Master's lectures outside China.

Only then did I discover that I was lost in the midst of this world, because I was using the standards of this world and basically not paying any attention to any of its deviations. So, when I noticed my fellow practitioners' criticism, I directly felt hurt.

Sometimes, my own submitted articles were modified by the editors, and each time that I saw my article modified, I had mixed feelings. Sometimes I felt glad when fellow practitioners could see my inadequacies, sometimes I would stubbornly consider that fellow practitioners did not respect my original opinion. But it did not matter how I felt, in the final analysis they were all pointing out my attachments, especially when they pointed out those attachment that were not easily encountered.

3. Accelerated Understanding of Fa Principles

Last year, when Master's article, "Lecture at the Canada Conference in 2001" was first published, when Master mentioned the flaw in the law of gravity, I was very puzzled. I only knew that the interconnection of matter was not due to gravity but because they all coexist at one level. As a result, when I was researching a scientific report at the laboratory one evening, I discovered two articles written by scientists who mentioned that to break through the present day biological technique, cells cannot be used as a basis; rather, it is necessary to return to the atoms and molecules.

Thereafter, the passage regarding the law of gravity began to circulate in my mind. Then I immediately realized that the concepts of heredity are faulty, and went a step further to establish a new theory utilizing Master's Fa. Thus, I deeply understood the content of that section of Fa lectured by Master. Furthermore, when viewing articles from the website, regardless if they were scientific or cultivation experiences, very often fellow practitioners presented specific evidence which enabled me to understand further.

For example, some fellow practitioners with their celestial eyes open could see scenes in other dimensions, allowing me to understand that other dimensions are so colorful, though I still was unable to see them. Some fellow practitioners have written about scientific discoveries. For example, the phenomenon of human thoughts being able to link up with machines enabled me to understand that spirit and matter are one; that is why as we cultivate better we become more unintentional.

There were some fellow practitioners who explained some prophesies, which allowed me to understand why Master said that all this was arranged by the old forces.

Of course, each article is only the fellow practitioners' understandings at different levels and do not represent the whole content of Fa. But through the articles of fellow practitioners, which accelerated my understanding of certain levels of Fa, I was able to enter into another level.

4. Clarifying the truth

Master instructs us that the three most important things we should do are study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts and clarify the truth. When I attained the Fa, I thought that clarifying the truth only involved telling the truth to people about the persecution in Mainland China; and while writing articles for the website, I felt that the above stated things were unrelated. Because of that I could not produce any articles and I did not like reading articles published on the website.

But, after clarifying the truth to the people of Mainland China, I discovered that clarifying the truth forms different angles, which enables more predestined persons to accept the truth happily.

Due to having written some articles, and having read numerous articles on the website, although it cannot be said that I am thoroughly familiar with them, I believe that I do understand much of what has been written. Because of this, no matter whether conversing with fellow students or with strangers, I can often quote some examples or stories to make the situation more amicable.

For example, when they visited the Mayan exhibition, I would talk to them about the pyramids of the Mayas, and as they saw the photos of the explosion of galaxies, I would discuss with them the origin of the universe. This would allow them to understand that after I learned Dafa, I became knowledgeable in multi-disciplinary matters.

Then, I found suitable opportunities to describe to them the beauty of Dafa, and the uncalled for persecution of Falun Gong in China. Because of their interest, I could continue conversing with them. They not only liked to talk to me but also naturally recognized the goodness of Dafa. Previously, I also spent my free time communicating and clarifying the truth with Chinese people through the Internet. Before cultivation in Dafa, whenever I communicated with strangers on the Internet, although we exchanged lots of words, they meant very little. Therefore when I first logged on to the Internet, I felt afraid I would waste too much of my time.

But, I do not think that now. I not only gained a fair amount of knowledge, I became more harmonious in dealing with all sorts of matters. As a result the Chinese across the straits were most eager to communicate with me.

In addition, I read articles from Clearwisdom net, Pure Insight net, as well as the Epoch Times net; and became quite familiar with happenings within Mainland China.

As people questioned me about science I would commence to inform them about what I read in the scientific articles from Pure Insight, and extend the conversation to the fact that Zhen Shan Ren exists in all things. If they told me that China has an abundance of resources, I would inform them that because of the persecution of good people in China, they had brought upon themselves untold catastrophes, and I would give them factual examples. If they queried me about the political issues of the Taiwan Straits, I could very calmly tell them that I am very proud to be a Chinese, because the Chinese civilization is immense; dynasty after dynasty had understood that we must use virtue to earn our respect internationally,

Therefore if the Mainland China government would govern their people with compassion, and refrain from persecuting their citizens who speak the truth, people would amicably settle conflicts. I am sure I would become their citizen. Thereafter I gradually talked to them to clarify the truth.

Because I had the habit of reading and writing articles for the website without wasting too much time, I could lead them into the topics of clarifying the truth, and I did not have to search the Internet to find suitable articles to post on bulletin boards.

Because of what I said and what I wished to convey, no matter how it would appear, they would not be far from the truth. Sometimes, I would also send emails to the Mainland Chinese people, and then send them scientific or daily life articles I had written for the website.

At other times, I would talk to them by telephone, and as I conversed with them with a pure mind I could easily discuss various topics, with no fear that I would not be able to speak fluently; nor was I afraid that my clarifying the truth to them would make them feel repulsed.

The above is what I wish to share regarding my cultivation. Thank you everyone, Thank you Master.