A new round of defamation and attacks against Falun Dafa practitioners has recently begun again in the Beijing area. On September 27th, two separate groups from the same university (Qinghua University) as practitioner Qiu Shuqin, went to the home of her parents demanding to know her whereabouts and frightening the old couple very much.

Such incidents have happened repeatedly over the last couple of years. Local police, as well as individuals from the "610 Office" have harassed Qiu Shuqin's parents many times, as well as other family members including her son. Twice they threatened to take her son away and detain him, using her son in an attempt to trap Qiu Shuqin.

The university officials forced Qiu Shuqin to leave her job because she insisted on practicing Falun Gong. She has been illegally detained six times over the last two years (once, she was released from detention due to high blood pressure). She has been arrested over ten times. During her detention period, she was handcuffed while laying down and was force-fed. Currently, she has been forced to leave her home to avoid further persecution.