(Minghui.org) As the date for the Chinese dictator's visit to the United States approaches (approximately October 22-25, 2002 Beijing time), we have begun to receive letters from fellow practitioners in and out of China. The letters are requesting the Clearwisdom editors to send out a notice as quickly as possible, so that Dafa disciples all over the world can start to send forth righteous thoughts at set times right now, completely clearing out the dimensional fields that the evil currently occupies and will go to, so that the evil will be disintegrated.

Taking into consideration the difficulties of relaying information to fellow practitioners in Mainland China, particularly the special difficulties in relaying information to those Dafa disciples who are illegally imprisoned, we have decided not to make wholesale adjustments or new arrangements on the timing. This is an announcement solely for this purpose. Starting from today, we hope that everyone will not wait for or rely on others, but based on each person's own specific situation with work and everyday life, will arrange well on their own the matter of sending forth righteous thoughts. We should not only make sure to send forth righteous thoughts every day, but also we should take care to guarantee the quality.

With regard to the specially designated schedule above, it is sufficient for everyone to have the thought of being extra pure and determined before sending forth righteous thoughts.

October 11, 2002