Part 1

On October 5, 2002, Falun Dafa Practitioners in Germany held an SOS march calling on people to "Join Together to Stop the Jiang Regime's Persecution Against Falun Gong" on Falun Gong Information Day in Wolfsburg.

In early June, Jiang Zemin visited Wolfsburg and signed an economic contract with the Volkswagen Automobile Company. Everywhere he went, he disturbed the lives of the citizens. He pressured the local government and police to suppress Falun Gong practitioners' movements so he could avoid seeing them.

When we met with the officer of the police department to apply for the permit for the activities, he first apologized to us. When Jiang visited the city in June, the police department was under high pressure as Jiang Zemin was extremely afraid to see any Falun Gong practitioners. The officer admitted that their attitude and actions at that time were not reasonable. They had received orders and they were obliged to follow them. He also said, even so, he didn't hear any bad comments about Falun Gong practitioners during the event. So he had a very good impression about Falun Gong. He believed that we truly followed the principle of "Truth Compassion Tolerance". In the end, he wished our activities to be successful.

We also contacted the major media agencies in the city and notified them of the activity schedule. Two local newspapers immediately agreed to put on a notice of the activities and wanted to give a detailed report after the activities. One editor sincerely told us that he couldn't understand why the German Government Departments took such a strong attitude toward Falun Gong and implemented such ridiculous security. Preventing the victims to appeal while protecting the murderer, was a frightening thing. The notice in his newspaper mentioned Falun Gong practitioners were good-willed and charming.

Quite a few reporters from local newspapers came to our activity. They interviewed the practitioners, took photos, took video footage and worked for a few hours. One reporter noticed that many passersby asked us for flyers, wanted to learn the exercises, signed their names on signature collection forms and talked to practitioners for a long time. she suggested that we set up a Falun Gong practice site to let more people know about Falun Gong. We happily agreed. At the rally, practitioners told the audience how the practitioners in China are cruelly persecuted and how the "610 Office" controls the persecution. A German practitioner talked about her experiences of going to Tiananmen Square and how the German policemen mistreated her during Jiang's visit. One practitioner read a letter to the leaders of Volkswagen Automobile Company asking for help to rescue practitioner Xiong Wei. After that, the parade team walked to Volkswagen to give them the letter. When the parade team began to walk back, it started to rain. The practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts silently and calmly in the rain. The whole event ended in a serene atmosphere, which left a good impression on the policemen on duty. One policeman told us, "We understand you. We support you. There will be no problem if you want to hold events again." He also gave his phone number to the practitioners.

Part 2

The practitioners were satisfied with the activities, but there were different understandings regarding the sudden rain at the end of the event. Someone said that we were not very focused on the activity and sent forth righteous thoughts to a lesser extent. Some practitioners were very busy switching from one thing to the other. Someone said the whole body of practitioners needed to understand the meaning of this event deeper. Someone said that the rain meant that there were still a lot of evil factors, so we ought to come to Wolfsburg to clarify the truth more and send forth righteous thoughts more. These discussions raised many thoughts about the event and we talked more about the event after it finished.

After the discussion, we understood that we must clear the evil factors in any place where the evil head had been. If one trip was not enough, we should go a second and third time. We should include countries like Russia, Iceland, Hong Kong and other Baltic Sea countries. When more evil factors that are spread around the world are cleared, the evil head will get less and less energy. From this viewpoint, it is extremely important for North American and especially Texas practitioners to strengthen their righteous thoughts and clear the environment before the evil head arrives. As Teacher said in "North America Lecture", "But this persecution isn't limited to just China. This persecution is actually worldwide--the slander has poisoned people's minds the world over." The vicious lies are the conditions for the evil to survive. Our truth clarification has the effect of purging the lies.

Practitioners in Germany had not done well before and during Jiang's visit. After he left we should pay attention to this matter, eliminate the evil factors and relate it to the whole Fa rectification process. Otherwise, we may create negative effects for the overall Fa rectification process.

The above is my personal understanding.