The first time we heard that Jiang was coming to the US, practitioners in our state thought that whatever should have been done seemed to have already been done. What else needs to be done? What is our role in this large-scale, in-depth effort of clarifying the truth?

There are several hundred organizations and institutions in our state, several large counties and cities, and dozens of State Senators and Representatives. Over the past few years, practitioners have worked hard to promote Dafa and clarify the truth. We have received a proclamation of "Falun Dafa Week" signed by the Governor, the State Congress's support of "Falun Dafa Day" and awards from leaders of all the counties and mayors of major cities in the state.

Through studying Teacher's article "Hurry Up And Tell Them":

"As Dafa disciples tell people the facts,
It's like sharp swords shooting out together from their mouths,
Shredding apart the rotten demon's lies.
Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them."

We realized that we should not just wait for Jiang's visit to the US and participate in the activity then, and consider it all being taken care of. We should clarify the truth to all non-governmental and governmental institutions starting from now -- Jiang's upcoming visit to the US gives us an excellent opportunity for an in-depth truth-clarification effort. If Texas practitioners are clarifying the truth to all people in Texas, shouldn't we also take this opportunity to do a better job? If there's something we still have not done well enough, then let's do a better job this time.

Once we realized this, we acted on it without delay. Based on our previous experience in promoting Dafa and the present needs, we prepared several hundred sets of truth-clarification material and sent these to various levels of government institutions and organizations. We followed up with phone calls to further help them understand the situation and make the right choice. The Governor has decided to declare another proclamation of "Falun Dafa week." The ceremony will be held in a famous square of the state's largest city. The city council of the state's largest city is responsible for preparing the ceremony, providing us with a venue and seating. They will also host the ceremony and be in charge of inviting all major media of the entire state. As of today, in addition to the Governor's proclamation, two thirds of the county governments, Mayors of major cities and some State Congressmen will also present awards to us again. Some of them have even written letters to President Bush to call attention to the severe situation of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

In our effort to clarify the truth, we kept purifying our minds. We feel that we should be more single-minded and encourage more fellow practitioners to participate directly in this effort. We need to let more people understand the true situation and the nature of the evil.