On January 6, New York practitioners were invited to participate in the 5th Bronx Spanish Community's Three Kings' Day Parade. Three Kings' Day Parade is a celebration honoring the three kings coming to Jerusalem when Jesus was born. Various community organizations, government officials, schools and religious groups participated in the parade.

Dafa practitioners from five districts of New York City participated in the parade with Dafa banners, music and flyers. The first five rows were Dafa banners in Chinese, English and Spanish. In middle rows were practitioners holding balloons with words of Falun Dafa is Good, Truth-Compassion-Tolerance, which not only highlighted the holiday atmosphere but also brought Dafa information to the parade spectators. The last row was a huge yellow banner with words Falun Dafa in red, which is very eye-catching.

Falun Gong team was at the end of the parade. When the parade started, practitioners received warm welcome by the spectators along the parade route. They played Dafa music and demonstrated Dafa exercises from time to time. Some people were eager to learn Dafa exercises while many others inquired Dafa information.

When they passed the stage where the congresspersons, city council members and community leaders watched the parade, practitioners demonstrated the exercises for them. Practitioners thanked them for their support and wished them happy New Year.

After the parade, some practitioners stayed and chatted with the government officials. They took the opportunity to give them information clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa. When one city council member accepted Dafa information, he said, "I like Falun Gong."

This small-scale activity offered thousands of people the opportunity to hear about Dafa. People's warm welcome made us realize even more that sentient beings are yearning for Dafa.