In order to better clarify the truth to the people in the world, another Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference was held in a city in northeastern China on December 10, 2001. More than 80 practitioners attended the meeting; however 10 minutes after the conference began the police came and blocked the entrance. Despite this, more than 70 practitioners escaped. Only seven were arrested, including the landlady who had stayed behind to ensure that others could get away. The following are some miracles that occurred that day:

1. A practitioner walked out the door. She saw that the police and their squad cars were already blocking the road. She walked straight past the police cars. The police did not seem to notice her and she safely went home. She later said, "The stronger the righteous thoughts are, the greater the wisdom will be. This is because the evil would not have thought that I could do something like that."

2. A short female practitioner ran out into the backyard. She easily jumped over a more than two-meter-high fence, just as she had the thought that she could. She found herself in a temple courtyard. Several other practitioners then jumped over the wall to join her. A young female monk saw them and was very frightened. The practitioners greeted her with Heshi [holding two hands together in front of chest] and told her, "Don't be afraid. We also cultivate Buddhahood. We are Falun Gong practitioners." The monk immediately calmed down.

3. A male practitioner went into a nearby barn to hide. The barn's owner saw him and came to lock the door, keeping the police out. After 4 p.m. when all the police had gone, he unlocked the door and let the practitioner out, saying, "It is alright now. You may go. I know that you [Falun Gong practitioners] are all good people."

4. A lady practitioner went barefoot to a nearby house. She told the owner, "I practice Falun Gong. The police are trying to arrest me." Hearing this, the homeowner became very disturbed, saying, "Jiang Zemin does no good. He simply persecutes good people. I think Jiang Zemin is a crazy man. Don't be scared. I will protect you here. Nothing will happen." The practitioner was very grateful for this family's righteousness and kindness. Our effort in clarifying the truth to the people in the world has not been in vain.

5. Among the five women and two men arrested, one of the ladies was pregnant. The police illegally confined them in a room at the police station. The practitioners were handcuffed and monitored. At 11 p.m., the police took one of the younger male practitioners into a private room. They kicked, punched and tortured him with police batons and leather belts. The lights suddenly went off while they were beating him, so they had to stop to repair the circuits. After that, they discovered that the three practitioners they considered the most important had departed. Only three elderly women and one elderly man remained. As these practitioners did not know the others at the conference, the police could not obtain any information from them.