(Clearwisdom.net) An auntie went to deliver truth clarifying materials to the police station. A policeman asked, "Who are you looking for?" She answered, "I am looking for the director." The policeman directed her to the director's office.

When she met the director, she then handed over the truth clarifying materials to him and said, "These materials are very precious, please read them carefully."

The director grabbed her and said, "You are very audacious to deliver the materials here. Are you not scared of being arrested? Someone come! Get hold of her." There came another policeman and he said loudly, "Yes, arrest her."

Auntie closed her eyes with a smile, holding one hand vertically in front of her chest and sent out righteous thoughts two times. When she opened her eyes, the director and the policeman had disappeared. She thought to herself, "Where are they?"

Auntie went to the police station a second time to deliver the truth clarifying materials. She wanted to find the policeman of the local district and let him read the materials. Since he was not there, she then left the materials on his desk and continued to look for him. On the second floor, she saw the other director and the same policeman from her last visit. She then said to them, "I came over to save you. Please do not return good with bad. It is important you read these materials carefully! Dictator Jiang wants all people to hate Falun Dafa. These thoughts will destroy people. Our teacher spreads Dafa to save people. You have to remember: whoever safeguards Dafa will have good returns. Those who attempt to harm Dafa will receive just retributions. This is the truth that I would like to tell you."

The Director said, "It is very regretful that you were sent to the forced labor camp. You went to Beijing and were brought back by the city bureau directly to the forced labor camp. When you come here, please feel free to deliver the materials to anyone. You don't have to tell us who you are looking for. Isn't that much better? We have read all the materials that you delivered to us. We have not missed even one item."

Auntie answered, "That is really great!"

The Director said, "I know that it is not easy for you to do this. One of your practitioners was fired by her work unit after going to Beijing to appeal. Her husband threatened to divorce her and controlled her finances. She saved the three Yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan] that her husband gave her for the week. When she had saved up 10 Yuan, she gave the money to other practitioners to purchase paper to print Dafa materials. There is another practitioner who walks to his office everyday to give 2 Yuan for printing materials. There are many similar stories, their hearts are so precious."

Auntie answered, "You know a lot!"

The policeman who had shown up earlier and stood beside him said, "Of course, his sister also practices Falun Gong."

When the Director sent Auntie off, he told her with a smile, "Please stop by whenever you have time!"

Auntie nodded her head and said, "I really have to come often, Fa-rectification cannot leave you behind!"