Gu Chenghai, male, 46, was a resident of Xiahuayuan County, Hebei Province. He began to practice Falun Gong in 1996. Because he bravely validated Dafa amidst the persecution of Falun Gong, he was arrested and thrown into jail. While in detention, he was subjected to various kinds of torture.

Seeing that he was on the verge of death due to the torture, the police released him. By the time of his release, Gu had lost the capability to move around and function normally by himself. His face was burned. His back and legs were covered with numerous wounds and bruises. His left leg was broken. His foot was burned by hot pitch and was swollen.

Gu Chenghai died soon after his release, due to freezing weather and lack of medical care.

The following are the contact numbers of those who are directly responsible for Gu's death:

610 Office of Xiahuayuan County: 86-313-505-2335

Council of Xiahuayuan County: 86-313-505-2332

Zhangjiakou People's Office: 86-313-201-5646

Fax: 86-313-2014866

Address: 9 Changqing Road, Zhangjiakou City

Postal Code: 075000

Office of Zhangjiakou City Council: 86-313-201-5646

Address: Bureau of Social Affairs, 9 Changqing Road, Zhangjiakou City

Bureau of Legislature, Zhangjiakou: 86-313-202-4681

Address: 9 Changqing Road, Zhangjiakou City

Commander, Police Department of Hebei Province: 86-313-303-3941 ext. 2020

610 Office, Police Department of Hebei Province: 86-313-303-3941 ext 610 office

Mayor of Zhangjiakou City: 86-313-807-7976

Crime Reporting Hotline, Zhangjiakou City: 86-313-807-2000

Crime Reporting Hotline, City Environmental Bureau: 86-313-201-4887-8000