Since April 25, 1999, officers at the Security Branch of the Police Department and the "610" Office of Hailun City have been following the orders of Jiang's regime by persecuting Dafa practitioners. They have illegally imprisoned practitioners or confined them in forced labor camps for long periods of time. They have searched Dafa practitioners' homes without warrants and sentenced them to jail without going through proper legal procedures. They have imposed exorbitant fines on the practitioners, ranging from hundreds to over tens of thousands of Yuan. (Yuan, Chinese currency, the average monthly income of an urban worker is 500 Yuan)

The police officers have abused and tortured these illegally imprisoned Dafa practitioners continually. In order to prevent practitioners from practicing the exercises, the officers strapped them to their beds so they could not stand. Anyone refusing to sign a statement of repentance would be struck in the face, and many were punished with a form of torture known as "riding an airplane" [being forced to crouch, bent over, with the arms raised as high as possible behind the back-an excruciating position to maintain,] with a bucket of water on their back to cause further hardship.

Once, while torturing a Dafa practitioner with a specially designed whip made of a rubber tube, deputy police officer Liu Hongyu said to the practitioner, "Jiang will cover up for me if you are killed."

During the Spring Festival in 2001, all the male practitioners were transferred to extremely cold, isolated cells for almost two months. During this time, the officers kept trying to intimidate the practitioners, threatening that unless they gave up practicing Falun Gong, they would be sentenced to forced labor camps or long-term imprisonment.

A few female practitioners who had been detained illegally for over seven months protested by refusing food and water, and demanded their immediate and unconditional release. Fearing that they might be blamed for the practitioners' deaths, the police officers sent them to a local hospital for force-feeding through IV's. Each forced infusion cost the practitioners several hundred Yuan. Some were given over ten treatments, which cost almost two thousand Yuan. The officers said to the practitioners afterwards, "You have to pay the bill, even if you have to sell your homes." The doctors and nurses were quite upset about the way practitioners were treated.

Using lies and intimidation, the police have extorted tens of thousands of Yuan from practitioners' family members and employers. One of their sources of revenue is a fifteen-day detention fee applied to all practitioners taken into police custody, regardless of how long they are held. Other fines imposed vary according to the excuses the police manufactured at the time.

Officials from the "610" Office said to some Dafa practitioners, "You are all good people and have not committed any crimes. As long as you promise that you will not practice Dafa again, we will release you." Not sensing the trap, some practitioners agreed, only to find out afterwards that they were still sentenced to long terms at forced labor camps. "It is safer keeping you here than letting you go," the officers said, "We can't trust you." To stir up the public opinion and set the practitioners' family members against Dafa, these law-breaking policemen turned around and verbally attacked the practitioners, saying they were being selfish and irresponsible, leaving their homes and children unattended.

Officers Xie Hongpeng and Wang Xiuping once said in front of some family members of practitioners during a brainwashing class, "The Party has been too generous to you. We could have just used two cans of gasoline and finished you off. We wouldn't need so many people to run these classes then."

Written on January 19, 2002.