The consequences of lying are that the liar has to continue to conceal the truth. The means to conceal the truth vary from time to time. The current Jiang autocratic regime can be called a source of lies. So concealing the truth has become the crucial part that determines whether or not the lies will be successful. Thus, the Jiang regime has spent more efforts on blocking the exchange of information than it has on fabricating the lies.

Large Amounts of Money Spent to Block the Exchange of Information on the Internet

During recent years, the Jiang regime has spent a huge amount of money to develop special computer software to block the exchange of information over the Internet. Besides this, they have set up strict, large-scale ways to monitor people when they go on-line. Every computer that is connected to the Internet has to be registered and has to have some specific software installed on it. E-mails that contain sensitive key words are filtered out. The "firewall" software has blocked many unofficial web sites. All these methods have fundamentally deprived the Chinese people of one of their basic human rights. It is now very easy for the Jiang regime to arrest and persecute people who try to break through the Internet blockade to find out the facts from international sources. A lot of Falun Gong practitioners have been imprisoned and tortured because they went on-line to get information from abroad.

Fortunately, technology to break through the Internet blockade develops very rapidly. The speed that the Mainland Falun Gong practitioners get information from abroad, and their perseverance in spreading the truth, are record breaking compared to the Chinese people's usual reaction of resigning themselves to adversity.

Direct Control over Contents of Media Reports

Everyone knows that the Chinese media heavily follows national politics. Freedom of speech has always been a dream. For reporters in China, sensitivity to politics is far more important than professional skills, since a sudden "misfortune" could befall them if they do not watch out all the time. While chatting with a friend, a reporter said that it's very difficult for a Mainland Chinese reporter to keep both conscience and safety at the same time. There have been many examples where some media agencies were closed down because they exposed corruption or revealed some truths. In reporting on the Falun Gong situation, the Jiang regime has degraded the Chinese media to the extreme. A true Falun Gong practitioner can't even get a chance to speak out, while some fake practitioners have all sorts of opportunities to speak nonsense on TV or in newspapers. áWe can imagine that the overall level of understandingáof the Chinese people would improve immediately if the media in Mainland China could act freely for even two hours. Of course, that would be a nightmare for the totalitarian regime.

Strict Prohibition of Overseas Satellite TV Programs

Recently, many Beijing residents have found that they suddenly couldn't reach the overseas TV channels that they used to be able to watch everyday. It's the result of the Jiang regime's "monitoring the signal-receiving devices used to watch overseas satellite TV programs." The Jiang regime will confiscate any cable TV systems that haven't been removed by December 30, 2001 and impose a large fine. The personal residents will be fined up to 5,000 Yuan [The typical monthly salary for an urban assembly worker is 400 Yuan]. An organization will be fined up to 50,000 Yuan. Immediately, the signal-receiving devices of the Beijing 4590 Channel disappeared. Hu Zhanfan, the vice-president of the National Broadcasting and TV Bureau, is in charge of this monitoring project. According to the Chinese Xinhua News Agency, Hu claimed that this special monitoring project "relates to the stability of the society, the security of information and the guidance of the media."

Actually, upholding the stability of society is a front, while the real goals are to conceal the truth and maintain the totalitarian regime. But how could a regime that depends on blocking information to uphold the stability of society actually be stable? The reason that the Jiang regime has put out so much effort to eliminate the overseas satellite TV programs is closely related to the essential victory of Falun Gong's two and a half year peaceful appeal. The trend of the times has been decided, and the Jiang regime can only resort to such a senseless method out of worry that the lies it has been trying to keep hidden for over two years will be revealed. However, these desperate actions will only cause more people to turn their backs on Jiang's authority.

In a word, the consequences of lying will bring about an out-of-control downward spiral. The end result for the evil tyrant is self-evident.