• [Changchun Province] Practitioner Zhao Guifeng Crippled by Brutal Police Torture
  • [Huludao, Liaoning Province] Police Sentence Wei Yanjiang to a Forced Labor Camp after 18 Days of Hunger Strike
  • [Inner Mongolia District] Police Detained a Pregnant Practitioner From Liaoning Province
  • [Ningxia Province] Practitioners Hang Banners to Safeguard Dafa
  • [Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province] Police Abduct Practitioners During a Fa Conference
  • [Shanshui, Guangdong Province] Shanshui Forced Labor Camp Detains over 600 Practitioners
  • [Yancheng, Jiangsu Province] Police Continuously Persecute a Practitioner
  • [Guangzhou, Guangdong Province] Practitioners Forbidden To Marry Under New Law of Jiang's Regime
  • [Beijing]Three Dafa Practitioners from Beijing Illegally Arrested
  • [Hanchuan, Hubei Province] Hanchuan No. 2 Labor Camp Illegally Detains 14 Falun Dafa Practitioners for One Year
  • [Hanchuan, Hubei Province] Public Security Officials Accumulate Wealth by Extorting "Fines" from Falun Gong Practitioners
  • [Hubei Province] People Are Awakening to the Truth
  • [Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Two Harbin Dafa Disciples Validate Dafa in Tiananmen
  • [China] Make Public the Evils in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp
  • [Lanzhou City, Gansu Province] Lanzhou "Brainwashing Class"

[Changchun Province] Practitioner Zhao Guifeng Crippled by Brutal Police Torture

Practitioner Zhao Guifeng (gender unknown to translator) is a Chinese medicine doctor of Changchun No. 1 Automobile Plant. Zhao was detained in Shuangyang Detention Center and interrogated many times by authorities from Section 1 of the Changchun Police Department in a hotel room near Jinyuetan, Changchun City. The policemen covered Zhao's eyes on the way so that Zhao could not recognize the hotel or room number. During the first interrogation, the cruel police beat Zhao continuously for three days and nights. For the second round of interrogation, Zhao was strapped to a "Tiger's Bench" for five days and nights. The third time around, they put Zhao on the "Tiger's Bench" for an entire week. The police broke Zhao's right arm, several ribs and tragically, his spine, leaving Zhao seriously crippled as a result. Zhao is still detained at the Shuangyang Detention Center.

[Huludao, Liaoning Province] Police Sentence Wei Yanjiang to a Forced Labor Camp after 18 Days of Hunger Strike

Practitioner Wei Yanjiang, female, 60-years-old, is a resident of Huludao Liaoning Province. She went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa on December 22, 2001, and was arrested. Police from Beijing's Shunyi Police Substation stripped off her coat and put her outside in the frigid, howling wind wearing only a thin shirt, her hands cuffed behind her. On December 25 2001, she was escorted back to her hometown of Huludao and illegally detained at the Longgang Police Station.

Her upright understandings and righteous thoughts led her to begin a hunger strike after her illegal arrest. On the eighteenth day, she was in a critical condition, but the evil police sent her to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, even though aware that in her condition this was essentially a death sentence. She was sent to Masanjia without notification to her family.

Practitioners who see this message, please send forth righteous thoughts to support Wei Yanjiang. We also call on all kind people of the world to help her. Phone number of Brigade Director Ma Qingbo of Longgang Police Station Political Security Department: (86) (429) 312-1711

[Inner Mongolia] Police Detain Pregnant Practitioner From Liaoning Province

Li Yanchun is a 29-year-old resident of Mine District, Tiefa City, Liaoning Province. In September 2001, she went with her mother to visit a relative in Inner Mongolia. Distributing truth-clarifying materials on the way, both were detained by police at the Kerqing Qi Tianshan Street Detention Center. Li's mother doesn't practice Falun Gong, so after extorting 500 Yuan from her, the police released her. Li Yanchun refused to reveal the source of the truth-clarifying materials and started a hunger strike to protest her illegal detention. In January 2002, her husband visited her and was told that his wife was four months pregnant. The clothes he had previously brought for her were now too small to wear. The police couldn't accept the fact she was pregnant, though, so they took her to a hospital for pregnancy testing twice, but didn't allow her to see the test results. Denying that she was pregnant, the police tried to get her to take some unknown drugs, but Li Yanchun refused.

Person responsible at Alu Kerqing Qi Tianshan Street Police Station, Inner Mongolia District:

Sun Zhiming, cell phone (86) 138-0476-1856

[Ningxia Province] Practitioners Hang Banners to Safeguard Dafa

In a city in Ningxia Province, practitioners hung many banners in the streets and avenues on the night of January 9, 2002. The banners were of all sizes, ranging from the largest of over ten meters (33 feet) in length to the smallest, about 1 meter long (3 feet). Some were hung on the sides of buildings along the street, some on iron fences at various workplaces and some hung from the highway overpasses. One was even hung from a building facing a police department! Some of the banners were intentionally frozen while rolled up tight so that they would unfurl as the weather warmed up, thereby extending this wonderful display over a two day period.

Even before the New Year, police started monitoring practitioners, following them with the intent to trap and persecute the practitioners. But the practitioners carried out this event to support the Teacher's Fa-rectification according to its schedule and suffocated the evils greatly.

In other counties and cities of Ningxia Province banners were also hung up.

[Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province] Police Abducted Practitioners During a Fa Conference

About 2 p.m. January 13, 2002, some Daqing area practitioners gathered to have a small Falun Dafa conference in Chengxin No. 2 district. Officers of the Ranghu Road Security Brigade and police from the Jianhua Police Substation abducted the attendants, who are currently being held in the Longfeng Detention Center, Ranghu Road Temporary Watch House. Initial reports are that over 30 practitioners are detained, more details to follow.

Security Brigade of Ranghu Road: (86) (459) 518-4960

Jianhua Police Substation: (86) (459) 685-1877, 569-3062

[Shanshui, Guangdong Province] Shanshui Forced Labor Camp Detained over 600 Practitioners

A person recently released from the Women's Camp at Shanshui Forced Labor Camp reports that there are over 600 practitioners detained there.

[Yancheng, Jiangsu Province] Police Continuously Persecute a Practitioner

January 4, 2002, policemen from Urban District Police Department again illegally detained practitioner Ni Xiangsheng of Yancheng Socks Factory. They held him in the Yancheng Youyi Hostel, forcing him to endure their brainwashing. The vicious police tortured him many ways and didn't allow him any sleep.

[Guangzhou, Guangdong Province] Practitioners Forbidden to Marry Under New Law of Jiang's Regime

An office worker in Guangzhou recently wanted to get married. He doesn't practice Falun Gong and is a registered resident [possessing the necessary "hukou" documentation] of Jiangxi. He was refused a marriage certificate in Guangzhou because he did not provide a statement guaranteeing that he did not practice Falun Gong. He had to ask his family to bring a "Guarantee Statement" from his hometown. They brought one prepared by the Security Department at his workplace, but it wasn't accepted. The authorities claimed the statement had to come from the police.

His family became very angry dealing with so much unnecessary red tape. Someone said, "Can it be that those who practice Falun Gong are forbidden from getting married? The people of China don't support the Jiang and Luo regime's criminal acts."

[Beijing] Three Practitioners from Beijing Were Illegally Arrested

Beijing Dafa practitioners Yang Xiufeng (female), Li Xiuzun (female) and Li Kun (male) were arrested on November 19, 2001 in Daxinzhuang Township, Daxing County when they were passing out truth-clarifying materials. They have been illegally detained in Daxing Detention Center for almost two months now. Their families aren't allowed to visit them. The police told their families that if they did not give up cultivation practice, their children will not be allowed to take admission exams for senior high school or university. It is like depriving their right to an education.

Li Kun's three-wheel farm truck has been confiscated. The Director of the Public Security Bureau threatened to sentence him to three years in prison. Practitioner Liu Huicheng's son was to join the army. After meeting all of the requirements, he was refused admittance to the army's ranks because his father had been sentenced to forced labor camp. In China, rural residents are required to reside in their registered hometown ("hukou" documentation system). Joining the army or attending university are the only legal means of being exempted from this restriction.

Yang Xiufeng, about 40-years-old, has two children attending junior high school. Li Xiuzun, 45-years-old, has a mother-in-law over 70-years-old. She has four children, three of whom are attending school. Li Kun, 33-years-old, has two children. The older one is attending first grade, and the younger one is only one year old.

[Hanchuan, Hubei Province] Hanchuan No. 2 Labor Camp, Hubei Province Illegally Detain 14 Falun Dafa Practitioners for One Year

After the 2001 New Year, the Hanchuan Municipal Political and Judicial Commission (610 Office) incited the police substations throughout Hanchuan City to illegally arrest Dafa practitioners en masse. They used the excuse of "searching for information" to deceive Dafa practitioners and illegally send them to the Hanchuan No. 2 Labor Camp for brainwashing.

A dozen of Dafa practitioners who have refused to write the so-called "Guarantee Letter or Repentance Statement" were illegally detained for almost one year now. Among them, there were 4 seniors and 10 women. They aren't allowed to meet with their families since they could not pay for the living expenditures (450 Yuan for 15 days). The police demanded payment before they would allow family visits. The Spring Festival is coming. We demand that the labor camp release all Dafa practitioners unconditionally.

[Hanchuan, Hubei Province] Public Security Officials Enrich Themselves Extorting "Fines" from Falun Gong Practitioners

  1. In December 1999, 16 Dafa practitioners from Hanchuan went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. They were taken to the Beijing office of the Political and Security Section of the Hanchuan Public Security Bureau. The Director, Liu Jiqiang, roughly searched their bodies including their underwear. One of the Public Security Officers said, "We should thank Falun Gong. Otherwise we may not have been able to visit Beijing." When they came back, each of them had bought a suitcase.
  2. In December 1999, Hanchuan City forced every practitioner who had gone to Beijing to appeal to pay "fines." They fined the practitioner's workplace 3,000 Yuan for "security" and 2,000 Yuan for "investigation fees." Practitioners from Xinhe County were required to pay these fines plus an additional 1,500 Yuan to the Xinhe Public Security Bureau for "security," and 2,000 Yuan for "investigation fees" to their local government. Only after they paid all the above fines were they released. The police also arrested practitioners who had not gone to Beijing to appeal, giving no notice to their families. Each had to pay at least 2,000 Yuan, with those who were working having to pay 3,000 Yuan. They were not given any official receipts.
  3. In December 2000, Xinhe Public Security Bureau began a new round of persecution. Led by Director Chen Yongan, they either deceived Dafa practitioners or forcefully pushed them into vehicles bound for Hongxing Family Control Office in Xinhe County. Families were notified to pay a bribe of 1000 Yuan for each practitioner's release. Since some did not have the money to pay, the police said they would settle for 500 Yuan and 20 days of detention. A lady whose last name is Ding had an 80-year-old sick grandmother at home who needed to be cared for. After the village acted on her behalf, she had to pay 170 Yuan before being released. Those who could not pay were detained until December 28 (Chinese lunar calendar).
  4. There were 4 Dafa practitioners in Xinhe County who were teachers. Since they went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa, their salaries were illegally diverted, with the excuse given that the amount was required to search for them. Xiao Zhikai, a primary school teacher, did not receive any salary for two years. He has been illegally detained for almost a year and is undergoing brainwashing in the No. 2 Labor Camp.
  5. An older practitioner, Huang Zhenkun, from Makou County, was illegally detained for 7 months and fined 5,000 Yuan (equivalent to the local residents' annual income) for saying "I am still practicing Falun Gong." In July 2001, he was preparing to give his son some money to buy a home. The Public Security claimed that he was preparing to go to Beijing to appeal and confiscated his 20,000 Yuan. Both he and his wife are being illegally detained at the Hanchuan No.2 Labor Camp.

Some of the Dafa practitioners in Hanchuan City have almost lost all their family possessions from the persecution. Their families have been separated or broken up.

[Hubei Province] People Are Awakening to the Truth

Two days before New Year's Day 2002, the local government of a certain town in Huibei Province set up a pictorial display on the streets viciously defaming Falun Dafa. People were assigned to take turns watching over the display so that the pictures could not be damaged, however a crowd of onlookers still tore up the pictures and burned them.

The onlookers commented, "These pictures and the propaganda on TV are all lies. Falun Gong practices Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, upgrades morality and xinxing. Falun Gong practitioners are compassionate. They wouldn't kill for sure." Some said, "As far as I know, those who practice Falun Gong have all recovered from their illnesses."

A retired official said, "The government also agreed that all Falun Gong practitioners are compassionate. Then why jail these kind people? Looks like the government is not compassionate any more."

Another veteran official said, "The government today specializes in making lies and entrapping the common people. A few days ago, an election took place for representatives of the National People's Congress. But common people didn't even know that. It happens every year. Only a few people fill in the election forms in their offices."

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Two Harbin Dafa Disciples Validate Dafa in Tiananmen

At 7:00 p.m. on December 31, 2001, two Harbin Falun Dafa practitioners (one male and one female) unfolded banners in front of the Great Hall of the People at the right side of Tiananmen. They shouted, "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa! Restore the good name of my Teacher!" They went back safely after validating Dafa.

[China] Make Public the Evils in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp

I am a witness of the evils in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. I witnessed, heard and experienced the persecution of Dafa disciples.

Dai Hongwei, director of Group Four, Team Two, pretends to be very concerned about Dafa disciples who just arrived at the labor camp. She instructs those who have abandoned Dafa under the coercion at Masanjia to brainwash the newly arrived practitioners day and night with the false and evil reasoning they themselves claim to have accepted. A practitioner is given a few days in which to give up her belief. If she doesn't, then she sees Dai Hongwei's true face, and the physical punishment begins. Dai Hongwei instructs "reformed practitioners" to watch over the new arrival while she is punished by being made to squat and half-squat for hours at a time, without being allowed to speak or to look at others. She is only allowed to look at a small space the size of a brick, just inches from her nose. Otherwise, she would be beaten and abused. Dai Hongwei encourages the "reformed" by awarding them a red card, which symbolizes the reduction of their terms. In order to render outstanding service in front of Dai Hongwei, to get the red card and return home sooner, they even resorted to brutally beating up practitioners.

Lu Yueqin, director of Group Two, instructed the traitors to lift Yang Chunfang, a firm disciple from Beining Town, up into the air and then drop her heavily to the floor. Then Yang was asked to half squat. Liu Zixian, a big, tall, "reformed practitioner" sat on Yang's lower back. Yang Chunfang couldn't bear her weight and fell to the floor. A bone in Yang's leg was broken under the weight. Nevertheless, eight of them kept beating her. She still can't walk. Jiang Jie and other practitioners have all suffered from torture at the hands of the brainwashed, so-called "reformed practitioners."

Shao, the director of Team Two, instructed criminal inmates to persecute firm Falun Gong practitioners. He has received retribution, and is unable to work due to his illnesses.

Zhang Yan, director of Team Three, Female Department No.1, tortured Jia Naizhi, a firm Fushun disciple, for 18 days. She was hung up by tying her arms to a beam and punished by being locked up in a tiny compartment without ventilation or light, in which she could neither stand nor sit but only squat halfway.

Li Xiaoyan, a disciple from Suizhong County, was punished by not being allowed to sleep for three days. The evil policemen stripped her naked and shocked her with four electric prods simultaneously. They shocked the underside of the arch of her feet, her ribs and breasts, etc. The brutal thugs who did this are Yang Yu, Zhang Yan, Zhang Jun and Dong Bing.

These Dafa disciples, among many others, continue to suffer physically and spiritually in the evil den of Masanjia.

We appeal to people of justice all over the world to rescue those Dafa disciples who are suffering from inhumane torture in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp so that they can return home as soon as possible.

[Lanzhou City, Gansu Province] Lanzhou "Brainwashing Class"

The municipal government of Lanzhou City is holding a "brainwashing class" in the Gongjiawan general merchandise warehouse. Every work unit is forced to pay 5,000 to 6,000 Yuan per month [equal to the annual income of an average urban worker in China] and to arrange for two people to watch over Dafa disciples in the brainwashing class.

Recently, the government made plans to grant so-called "graduation certificates" to those being brainwashed. The brainwashing class will be held one term after another.

Since December 24 of last year, a brainwashing class has been held on the fourth floor of Hualinping Hospital" under the name of "Law Education Training Center." No one from the outside is allowed to visit. Every practitioner has to pay 30 Yuan as "accommodation expenses."

January 15, 2002