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Xu Deqiong, a female Falun Dafa practitioner, lives in Shanbai Village, Jiulong Town, Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province. She started to practice Falun Dafa in 1998. After July 20th, 1999, Xu Deqiong, her daughter Chen Fang (23-years-old), and her son Chen Songlin (13-years-old) continued to study the Fa, do the exercises, and tell people the truth about Dafa. The police department of Pengzhou City illegally detained Chen Fang for more than 30 days because she clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to others. Having witnessed the intensifying severity of the persecution, especially the slandering of our great Master, Xu Deqiong felt she was beyond the limits of forbearance. On December 21st, 2001, Xu Deqiong, Lu Rong (another female practitioner from the same village), Liu Tianyu (a female practitioner from Xinhua Village, Longfen Town), and Li Jihui (a female practitioner from Jiulong Town), all went to Beijing together. On December 22nd, 2001, they displayed a banner in front of Tiananmen Square and shouted, "Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa --restore our Master's reputation." They were apprehended by police on Tiananmen Square and sent back to the police station in Jiuling Town, Pengzhou City. They are now illegally detained at the detention center in the police station of Pengzhou City, and are not allowed to have visitors. Their situation remains uncertain.

Right after 10 p.m. on December 23rd, a group of over 20 people from the police station of Jiulong Town and the Jiulong government illegally tried to take inventory of Xu Deqiong's family property. Xu Deqiong's son and daughter refused to open the door, refused to cooperate, and told the truth about Dafa to the people who went to their home. The people from the police station and the government were angry, broke the door down, grabbed Chen Fang, and took him away. They told 13-year-old Chen Songlin very fiercely, "We would take you both if you weren't so young." According to the head of Shanbai Village, the evil policemen of the Jiulong Town Police Station tortured Chen Fang that night. Chen Fang continued to say with determination, "Falun Dafa is good, and Master Li is innocent." Therefore, the policemen madly beat her and splashed freezing cold water onto her. Chen Fang had such a strong will and maintained a hunger strike for seven days. The Jiulong Town Police Station released her on the afternoon of December 31st.

On the morning of December 24th, led by the secretary and the head of the town, an armed group of people from Jiulong Town burst into and searched Xu Deqiong's house. They restrained Xu's husband and her son, stole about 7,500 jin of yellow grain (Translator's note: jin is a unit of weight where one jin is equal to 500 grams), about 1,500 jin of corn, 11 geese, 4 chickens, 1 farm cow, 1 motorcycle, 2 bicycles, about 100 jin of rice, claimed all the locks on the doors, and yelled that they were going to seal the house. One evil person said, "If the daughter continues to practice, we will find a couple of local ruffians to rape her!" (He said this in slang.) The ordinary people who were there were very angry when they heard this. Somebody instantly replied, "How can you be from the government and do such an evil thing?"

The money and property robbed from Xu Deqiong's family was worth over 8,000 Yuan (Translator's note: an average urban worker's monthly salary is 500 Yuan). There wasn't even a grain of rice left. The neighbors have been taking turns inviting them over to eat at their homes. It is a cold winter and this family has nothing left. It's hard to imagine the spring plough in the coming year.

According to witnesses during the search: the people from Jiulong town are even fiercer than the bandits from the old days. The bandits were afraid of robbing during the daytime and had to disguise their faces so as not to be recognized. However these evil people from government stole in broad daylight right in front of the public.

They auctioned off the yellow grain and corn at a low price, sold the cow for couple of hundred Yuan (about a quarter of the real price), and thereby scattered the practitioner's possessions.

Lu Rong's home was also robbed on the same day. At that time, there was nobody at home. The daughter went to school and the husband went to the temple market. The evil people broke down the door and stole the color TV, two desk-tables, two bicycles, one square table, 8 stools, one bed and one mattress, a set of low furniture, two big pigs, over 1,000 jin of yellow grain, and more. They even stole 3-Yuan from Lu's daughter. The stolen property from Lu' s home was worth over 5,000 Yuan.

At the same time, Vice President Huang Jimin and the Director of the Security Office Li Yijun from the Longfen Town government led a group of people and confiscated Liu Tianyu's house, stole two water buffalo, over 200 jin of salted meat, eight sun mats, and 3,000 jin of yellow grain. The stolen property totaled over 4,000 Yuan. On the night before the robbery, Liu's husband led the buffalo to his daughter's home. The officials didn't see the buffalo when they searched the house so they started to badly beat Liu's husband until he led the buffalo back home. They sold one cow worth 2,000 Yuan for 600 Yuan to a butcher in Longfen Town.

In addition to all this, the people from Longfen Town also searched the other practitioners' homes who didn't go to Beijing to appeal. All the families' property was confiscated including baby chicks and ducklings.