The first type of interference: Sudden state of eliminating karma in my body

One night after dinner, I suddenly developed a fever. Instantly, I thought that the fever had occurred in order to eliminate my karma, and subsequently it became more serious. I slept and was bedridden where I could not even read Zhuan Falun or do anything at all. I began to doubt whether it was the elimination of karma but rather thought that it could be disturbance by the evil forces. I immediately thought that I should not look for any excuse to escape the elimination of karma, so I resolved to endure. Right after this thought, the fever immediately became more serious and I felt so cold that my whole body was trembling. After a long time in this state, I realized that this is not right, it is the evil persecuting me tonight. I could not do Fa-rectification work or study the Fa, therefore it is obviously the evil interfering with me. I immediately remembered Teacher's words, "...thinking about eliminating the bad thoughts in their minds, karma, and bad notions or external interference..." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference"). Just one sentence relaxed my body immediately, and five minutes later, my body was back to a normal state. It was like awakening from a dream. The evil really took advantage of a loophole which was my lingering attachment to eliminating my personal karma. I realized that I had an unclear understanding of how "Fa-Rectification Dafa Disciples" need to treat the elimination of karma, with the understanding of their past personal cultivation. Therefore, the evil forces had taken advantage of this attachment to disturb me and make me unable to do Fa-rectification work, unable to study the Fa and unable to send forth righteous thoughts, thus achieving their purpose of damaging Falun Dafa.

I also enlightened to the concept that if one is unclear about the principles of Falun Dafa, he will waver, unintentionally let himself endure what he should not endure, and also prevent the advancement of the Fa-rectification work that he should do.

Teacher said, "So, it was arranged that when you reach the standard for ordinary Consummation, you still have, in the human world, all kinds of ordinary human thoughts and karma. The purpose is so that while doing Fa-rectification things, you clarify the truth, whereby you all bring in, for the consummation of your paradises, beings that can be saved. As you consummate your own paradises you are, at the same time, eliminating your last karma, gradually getting rid of your human thoughts, and truly stepping forward from humanness" (from Teacher's article "Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples"). From this experience, I have gained a deeper understanding of the Teacher's words.

The second type of interference: Sudden sickness of family members or running into abnormal troubles

Recently, one night, a member of my family suddenly suffered from diarrhea. At first I did not know, because I was in another room, but when I found out about it, she unexpectedly got angry and then cried loudly. It was already about 10:30 p.m., and I thought calmly that her state was somewhat abnormal, so I did not comfort her using the human way but instead sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil things that were interfering with her. Then, for a long time, she did not experience any interference.

There was also a week when her relatives and friends from several places, continuously tried to contact her, all at the same time. She rarely had any contact with these people, and became very annoyed. She even felt very unusual herself. Fortunately, I knew about the factors behind these things and so it did not create any interference for me. Since the evil could not affect me, the troubles disappeared quickly, after only a week. The things that happened around me made me have a clearer understanding of evil. The evil forces took every opportunity to interfere with our Fa-rectification work, such as interfering with our family members, our daily trivial matters, and personal interests. I realized that if the Fa-rectification Dafa disciples' lack sufficient understanding of how cultivation must continue during the Fa-rectification period, differently from past cultivation, an opportunity would be created for evil to interfere. I further understood that we must still use the understanding based both on our past cultivation efforts and our human ways in order to understand and handle evil interference as it occurs. If we fail to see the difference of cultivation during Fa-rectification, or cannot clearly distinguish and identify the evil as it interferes, we will leave loopholes where we become vulnerable to the evil interference and will waste a great deal of time, and delay performing important Fa-rectification work.

The third type of interference: The evil is taking advantage of the loophole in our thinking, "If we have attachments, the evil will take advantage of our loopholes"

One night, I was lying in bed thinking about how things are different during Fa-rectification. I thought, "I hope I don't fall asleep here, because it would be an attachment of seeking comfort and the evil would take advantage of this loophole again." As expected, after a little while, I fell asleep and later awakened with a stomachache. I thought at that time that it was really the evil taking advantage of a loophole, so I immediately got up to read Zhuan Falun. But because I always thought the evil would take advantage of a loophole and always feared a stomachache (to fear something is to seek it, in fact I was inviting this tribulation), then my stomach really ached and I suffered the entire night. I sent forth righteous thoughts several times but it was no use. On the next day, I was even more alert. Every time I did something, I would think, "I can't have any attachments, if I have an attachment, the evil will take advantage of my loophole." It was all right as long as I did not think about it, but if I thought about it, my stomach would ache for a little while. Suddenly, I remembered an experience told to me by a fellow practitioner, "I don't allow the evil to persecute me simply because I have attachments." Immediately, I realized that besides my attachment of fear and other attachments, I also had an attachment that was hidden very deeply, that was behind the thought "If we have attachments, the evil will take advantage of our loopholes." I had accepted in disguised form that it was reasonable for the old forces to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners because they had attachments. The Teacher said, "A Dafa disciple completely opposes everything arranged by the evil old forces" (from Teacher's article "Dafa is Indestructible"). Wasn't this notion of mine conceding to the evil forces' persecution of Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners? Instead of opposing the evil, we have given them a reason and an opportunity to persecute us. After I realized this, I resolved immediately, "Even if I have an attachment, I will not allow the evil to persecute me" and sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil immediately. My physical ailments disappeared at once and have never returned again

Another practitioner shared their enlightenment in this area with me. They told me that recently, some fellow practitioners were illegally arrested, some summarized their lessons, by saying, "One of the practitioners was taken advantage of by the evil because he had attachments." I have gained a new understanding on this. I believe it is a fact that we had attachments, and it is also a fact that the evil took advantage of us because we had attachments. However, we also need to add an important point of understanding: Even if we have attachments, we need to take measures to prevent the evil from persecuting us! We must eradicate the evil at all times! This understanding is also very important.

Finally, I also learned from the experience that evil takes every opportunity to persecute us, but this is a good thing for us, as it will enable us to recognize the nature of the evil with a clear mind and allow us to more clearly see our own shortcomings. It will also strictly require us to get rid of all of our attachments in all areas and let ourselves advance and become more mature during Fa-rectification. When we improve and purify ourselves, we can then have the ability to eradicate the evil and do better during Fa-rectification. Therefore, we should cherish this environment.

Fellow practitioners, please point out the mistakes in my above experience so that they can be corrected.