(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, upon hearing that some pictures defaming Dafa were displayed in a work unit, I decided to go remove them. Soon after midnight, I found these vicious pictures. There were more than a dozen of them and all were hung on one side of the wall. But just as I was about to remove them, my attachment of fear came out, because the location was bright with many lights shining directly on the wall. Furthermore, I felt as though there was a person watching me from a distance. However, I soon calmed down and quickly eliminated all of these bad thoughts. I said to myself, "The evil is damaging humans and should not be allowed to stay here for one more day." I hurried up and started to tear off the pictures. The first evil picture had only 2 lines of writing on it, saying, "Advocate..." A strange thought came into my mind telling me, "This one has no content defaming Dafa." Being a little bit nervous, when I stretched out my hands, I started with the second picture instead. Thus all of them were torn down except for the first one. Then I found a place nearby to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil there.

After sending forth righteous thoughts I began to head back home. Before I arrived at home, suddenly a thought clearly appeared in my mind, "There was still another picture remaining to be removed. Why did I leave one without tearing it down? Isn't this an omission? Although the flier did not have a lot of visible vicious information, the evil is one whole body. Behind the picture hides countless evil beings. Its existence is the place upon which the evil relies to survive."

The second day when I woke up, the first thought that came into my mind was, "The elimination of the evil wasn't complete." I looked inside myself and found that because my understanding did not meet the requirements of Dafa, my righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil were not strong enough, which caused omissions when I made the attempt. Upon following this path, I looked inward further and found that I had similar omissions in Fa study and in clarifying the truth. The real reason was again that my righteous thoughts were not strong enough. This is why I sometimes failed to achieve certain goals or do well with some issues, even though I knew the principles of the Fa. Specifically, I knew the importance of studying the Fa, but when I encountered a really busy period, the time for the Fa study was taken away. Although I thought I could make it up on the next day, I would still be busy the next day, so I just studied several of Teacher's new articles instead, and did not take the Fa study seriously at all. When clarifying the truth of Dafa to people, my biggest barrier were my notions, which made me miss a lot of opportunities to clarify the truth. These notions caused my failure to clarify the truth thoroughly. I realized the reason that I failed to break through various notions must be because I did not understand the principles of the Fa thoroughly, and thus I could not realize at higher levels that the great significance of clarifying the truth is to assist Teacher in offering salvation to sentient beings.

I could not attain a righteous enlightenment of the principles from the Fa. Even though I could understand them from reading practitioners' articles on Clearwisdom Net, I would not really pay attention. This reminded me of a practitioner's article which said, "If a practitioner strengthens his or her resolution in Dafa cultivation practice by listening to other people's cultivation stories instead of rationally rising to a genuine understanding of Dafa and thus attaining the righteous belief of 'indestructible, and diamond-like solidity,' this would be an omission." Indeed it is so true. If we do things without understanding the Fa from the Fa, it is an omission which manifests through knowing what to do but often not being able to do it well. I think this lesson has made me understand that only by studying the Fa more can we constantly maintain strong righteous thoughts. Studying the Fa more and understanding the Fa better is essential for solving all problems.

The above are some of my shallow understandings and should be corrected by fellow practitioners.