Truth-clarifying materials incorporate the understanding of the Fa of the practitioners who write them. They reflect the writer's xinxing [moral character] standard and contain the writer's mighty virtue in other dimensions. Additionally, they reflect on the xinxing realms of all practitioners who work for Dafa websites and all those who are involved in typing, copying and distributing these materials--especially as it relates to their being responsible to Dafa and to all sentient beings.

When such truth-clarifying materials are delivered to people, they are shining treasures that can repress evil and eliminate what is deviated in other dimensions. How to best utilize such treasures so that they achieve the best effect is directly dependent on the xinxing levels of the practitioners who distribute them.

From our own understanding of both the Fa and other practitioners' experience sharing in China and overseas, we can see that when we distribute truth-clarifying literature with pure hearts and completely melt into Teacher's boundless benevolence, the results are extremely good. Many people will ask for them, and very rarely do people throw them away or destroy them. Some even ask for extra copies to share with their family members and friends. On the other hand, if practitioners distribute the material with all kinds of attachments such as being fearful, timid, feeling like they are putting in extra for Dafa etc., then that piece of truth-clarifying material will be covered with some black substance when viewed from other dimensions, and it will not be as influential as it should be.

When we do Dafa work with pure hearts and boundless benevolence, the power of such treasures will be strengthened and they will shine more brilliantly. Even a simple sentence, such as "Falun Dafa is good," can move people's hearts.

As we distribute truth-clarifying literature with pure hearts, when this information is placed outside someone's door, in other dimensions it is shining with brilliance, and the assisting consciousness of the recipient and all the beings from his heavenly paradise will make sure that he notices it, since this is also an opportunity for the entire heavenly paradise where he comes from to be saved.

Therefore we should do our best while preparing truth-clarifying literature. Since what we are doing is something supernormal, we have to set higher standards for ourselves. If we use everyday people's standards, the results will be dramatically less effective, just as when a qigong master's powers diminish when he opens a clinic to treat the diseases of everyday people with qigong.