Several recent events have made me realize that clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa is indeed effective and that a Dafa practitioner should never give up on this.

X often disagreed with me whenever I clarified the truth about Falun Dafa. Although he opposed Dafa out of ignorance, I still explained the truth to him from time to time.

One day, our school's vice-president and department chairman inspected our office. They saw Dafa materials on my desk and began a discussion, saying, "You say that you are reasonable and they say that they are reasonable (the Chinese government's propaganda)."

I said, "You did not read the Falun Gong books carefully. You are not being responsible to yourself by making comments like this." The vice-president said, "I read Zhuan Falun before..."

Just as the two of us were debating back and forth, X came and, in a friendly way, said to the vice-president, "You'd better not attack Falun Dafa, even if you do not believe it yourself. Watch out for the 'immediate retribution.' Therefore, you'd better not be against it. Especially don't attack it."

I clearly felt the power in his words. Since then, the vice-president has never again attacked Dafa. This made me realize, doesn't he now understand the meaning of "immediate retribution"?

Another day, one of my colleagues complained, "I will never be a good person. Tell me, which bad person has received retribution?" X said, "That is not right. You still need to be a good person. The bad person may not receive retribution in this life, but he may receive it the next lifetime, which you may not be able to see." I thought, "You explained that very well." We finished our conversation in laughter.

The third time, he and I came back from our school president's house. I saw a Dafa banner that had fallen on the ground. I said, "I have to hang it up again." But the string on the banner had been broken. He took the banner, fixed the string, and hung the banner back up on the tree. I noticed that he was very calm during this process.

I think that I have truly realized the necessity of clarifying the truth.