A few days ago a friend of mine returned from visiting America and Europe. He shared his experiences prior to and following his journey. The experiences he shared were very moving to me.

He informed me that before his departure, the "Traveler's Education" agency's most important agenda was educating the travelers to reject any Falun Gong material while abroad. They lied to the delegates, stating that Falun Gong and other anti-Chinese groups pay great sums to hire people to hand out flyers. They told delegates to ignore such publications and maintain their patriotism toward China. They also added that anyone who accepted Falun Gong flyers would be harshly punished.

While abroad, my friend saw many Falun Dafa practitioners everywhere he went. These practitioners all courteously handed out truth-clarification materials to the visitors. Many of the delegates did not dare to accept the materials, as they were forbidden by strict regulations. Every group also had camera personnel. Anyone caught on camera accepting a flyer was immediately fined and would receive severe consequences upon return. It is obvious how much Jiang's regime wants to deceive its own people. Delegates have to be of a high rank to travel abroad using government money. The government even deceives these high-ranking delegates, intimidating and punishing them without restraint.

In public, none of the delegates dared to accept any Falun Dafa flyers. However, it was evident that none of these practitioners were lavishly paid recruits. They dressed modestly, acted earnestly, and used their scarce savings to print truth-clarification materials. Despite the delegates' surliness, they continued to wholeheartedly clarify the truth to them. Many delegates were moved by the forbearance and sincerity of Dafa practitioners. They had never before thought of accepting flyers, but under the intense pressure they were nonetheless curious about what Jiang was so fearful of. When unseen, some people took the flyers and quickly hid them, later giving them to friends and family members back home. These valuable truth-clarification materials from afar were greatly cherished by their friends and family.

My friend sighed and told me, "Falun Dafa practitioners are too great; their mentalities were so righteous everywhere I went." While listening, I couldn't stop my tears from rolling down my face, and became more deeply respectful of Teacher's profound compassion. At the same time I was deeply moved by the selflessness of practitioners in other countries, and realized the significance of their contributions. Although they don't face the immediate threat of evil, their self-sacrifice and suffering of both physical and mental hardships make their deeds every bit as challenging.