(Clearwisdom.net) Under instructions from Chief Li of Jingzhou City Police Department, Chief Peng of Shashi District Police Department and Secretary Deng of the District Politics and Law Committee, police in the No. 1 Section of Shashi District Police Department in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, brutally torture Dafa practitioners.

Police officers abducted practitioners Yang Xianfeng (female, 48, laid off), Xu Ying (female, in her 30s, railroad worker), Deng Tianyu (female, 52, retired, former worker at a botanical garden), Dai Tangfu (female, in her 40s, an accountant at the Agricultural Science Institute) and others from their homes and detained them in a quiet and isolated hotel called "Hawk Crown Village," located inside Zhongshan Park in Shashi District. There, the police enforcers tortured the practitioners for 9 days and nights. The police authorities feared exposure of their unspeakable atrocities, but they had turned the small hotel, surrounded by graceful scenery, into a place of terror. During those 9 days and nights, officers from No.1 Section of the district police department did not allow the practitioners to sleep, wear shoes, sit down, close their eyes or even have a moment's rest. The henchmen took turns abusing, beating and torturing the practitioners around-the-clock. They cuffed the practitioners' hands behind their backs and brutally beat the victims while suspending them in the air. Even worse, the police even poured hot-spicy pepper juice into the practitioners' eyes and wounds, followed by close exposure to fire and smoke. That was not enough. They even stuck burning cigarettes into the practitioners' nostrils. Afraid the hotel personnel might be alarmed by the practitioners' screams, the police stuffed practitioners' mouths with towels, and then covered them with quilts before they began the violent beating and kicking. After they collapsed to the floor from the beating, the police jumped on the quilt-wrapped practitioners and began stomping on them. When the female practitioners asked to go to the bathroom, two male police officers dragged them there. During 9 days of torture the practitioners became unconscious numerous times. Several times, Yang Xianfeng's arm and shoulder joint(s) were dislocated, and eventually fractured from beatings. Deng Tianyu lost sight in one eye from the severe torture.

Nine days of inhuman torture failed to bend the practitioners' minds. Later, they were transferred to a detention center where they held an 11-day group hunger strike to resist the evil, insist on the Truth and safeguard Dafa. Zhang Congjin, a prison guard at Jingzhou Ximen Detention Center and others force-fed the practitioners to torture them. They pulled out one of Yang Xianfeng's front teeth with a pair of pliers. Later, this malicious Zhang Congjin brutally pulled out two more of Yang's front teeth. She bled severely and her clothes were soaked with blood. She eventually passed out from the excruciating pain. There are so many horrific things like these took place during the practitioners' nine months of detention.

In December 14, 2001, these same practitioners were taken to a courtroom and convicted. When they appeared, it could be clearly seen that their bodies were covered with scars. Police officers carried the semi-conscious Yang Xianfeng into the courtroom. Deng Tianyu's loss of sight in her left eye has affected her right eye. She looked completely disfigured. However, the Dafa practitioners' minds have become even more indestructible. In the courtroom, they denounced the evil's brutal persecution, clarified the truth and praised Dafa. Xu Ying shouted loudly in the end, "Falun Dafa is good; Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa," and they all demanded unconditional release. During the so-called "public trial," the government didn't allow any non-involved people to enter the courtroom. The judge hastily sentenced Yang Xianfeng to 4 years in prison; Xu Ying, Dai Tangfu, Deng Tianyu and others to 3 years in prison, without any proper legal procedures. However, all practitioners refused to sign the "Verdict Statement."

In addition, practitioners Chen Jingjiang (female, in her 50s, retired), Liu Yazhen (female, in her 40s, laid off) and Chen Youhong (female, in her 30s, a bank worker) were tortured for seven days straight and illegally sentenced to four years in prison in February 2001, simply because they wrote a jointly signed letter to the local police department in which they clarified that Dafa is the righteous law and their reasons for making truth-clarifying materials.

Aside from physical abuse, police puppets at Jingzhou City Police Department also extorted money from the practitioners. Without exception, every practitioner was fined from several thousand to tens of thousands of Yuan. Most of these "fines" were not officially recorded. In Jingzhou City, many practitioners lost all their belongings and money and were forced to beg in the streets. Even those who stayed at home were fired and had to live on their meager savings. All these practitioners are in an extremely difficult situation. Not long ago, another 23 practitioners were arrested and brutally tortured to extract confessions from them. On December 28, 2001, all police units from the Jingzhou Police Department took off on a mission to illegally search homes of practitioners and harass them. The enforcers confiscated practitioners' properties. Especially in Shashi District, a large number of practitioners were arrested. An atmosphere of terror surrounded the entire Shashi District. Details are under further investigation.

We call for the attention of all kind-hearted people about these heart-wrenching atrocities committed against Dafa practitioners in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. We call for benevolent practitioners around the world to send righteous thoughts and eradicate the evil!

List of people responsible for persecution:

Mr. Li, chief of Jingzhou City Police Department, and its No. 1 Section,

Tel: 011-86-716-8263632 (operator)

Mr. Peng, chief of Shashi District Police Department

Mr. Deng, Secretary of Shashi District Politics and Law Committee

Police from No. 1 Section: Hu Youcai, Liu Juhua, Li Zhigang, Chen Jinhua, Guo, Fan, Yang, Tel: 011-86-716-8211756 (operator)

Mr. Chang, Chief of No. 1 Section at Jingzhou District Police Department, Tel: 0716-8466451 (operator)

Zhang Congjin, Ximen Detention Center, Jingzhou City.

Address: No. 1 Section, Shashi District Police Department, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province Zip Code: 434000

January 8, 2002

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