The first Falun Dafa joint theatrical performance by practitioners in music and art circles was held in Tampa, Florida on December 30, 2001. Practitioners with various talents in the areas of orchestral music, folk music, film, video and dance from all over North America performed. Dafa practitioners prepared a variety of programs for the performance, extolling our great Teacher's immense compassion, manifesting the greatness and hardship of the Fa-rectification process and exposing the evil's brutal persecution of Dafa disciples. The programs also revealed the splendid action of Dafa practitioners in China and abroad in going to Tiananmen Square to speak out, "Falun Dafa is good!" Their voices traveling through different time-spaces to touch all lives.

The performance broke through the barrier of many old notions by presenting various thoughts to the audience, through art, using all available means. A folk music group and orchestral music group simultaneously performed the instrumental music "Pudu." Some dance performances combined the movements from ballet and folk dancing.

Stage art is complicated and contains many details. According to common notions, it needs at least two to three months' rehearsal and organizing for one performance to be ready to go on stage. However, due to limited conditions, all participants of the performance rehearsed and organized in the space of one evening before the performance. Some players were selected and arranged a few hours before the performance. The floor of the stage had a spray painted surface and the performers of the dancing and swordplay pieces thought that performing on such a slippery floor was impossible. They had no other choice but to soak their dancing shoes in water to be able to perform as planned. The chorus "Fa rectification comes to Tiananmen" was sung by a stage chorus made up of about 60 volunteer Dafa practitioners who rehearsed for only two hours. During the performance, their voices carried a feeling that could move mountains and it touched every member of the audience.

Someone made the comment that Dafa had created an art miracle. We created this performance under impossible conditions. However, we saw that we had much to improve in many areas of art. We hope that more artists join our art production and performance. At the same time, we continue to strive hard to have our art become more professional.

Instrumental music concert: "Pudu" Female vocal solo: "Following the Teacher to Rectify the Fa" (Jiang Min) Flute solo: "Oddity Song" (Wang Jiwu)
Martial art: "Sword for eliminating evil" (Li Youfu) Flute, cello duet: "Ode to the Lotus Flower" (Chen Rutang and Chen Ningfang) Male semichorous: "Oddity Song" (Tang Xiaoming and others)
Erhu solo: "Save" (Tian YiFeng) Solo dance:"Ode to the Lotus Flower" (Zhang Tiejun) Male vocal solo: "Wise Thinking" (Guan Guimin)
Solo dance: "Red Candle" (Xu Peili) Female vocal solo: "Be Saved" (Li Ping) Chorus: "Fa-rectification comes to Tiananmen" (lead singer -- Jiang Min)