Greetings everyone,

I have been practicing Falun Dafa for a year and a half now.

Although I know the importance of clarifying the truth to Chinese people, especially those who are from Mainland China, I often get unfriendly reactions and words from them that make me reluctant to try harder, and I often think, "I've tried my best."

Then my mother came to visit me from China a few months ago, and I had no choice but to face this big challenge. She was upset upon learning that I practice Falun Dafa, and didn't want to hear any of the truth clarifying information from me. Each time we ended our discussions, it was in a fight. I was worried for her, but my xinxing (heart/mind nature; moral quality) wasn't high enough to talk to her in a peaceful and intelligent manner. Whenever she said something quoted from the evil propaganda, I got emotional. I gave up on her quickly, and didn't want to try anymore.

But then, just when I had given up on her, I found that Master and Dafa hadn't.

One day, I had to make some video copies for a fellow practitioner. It took me a while to set the equipment up. When I was finished, I started recording. At that time, my mother happened to come into the family room to see what I was busy with. She was immediately attracted by the beautiful 3-minute Dafa exercise demo, and sat down to start watching it. I recorded it 3 times and she watched it each of the 3 times without even moving. For the rest of the night and the next day, she sat on the couch and watched every Dafa film I recorded. One after another, changes began to take place in her.

After she watched the self-immolation tape, she could not stop condemning the Chinese Government for deceiving millions of its innocent citizens. While watching the Zhang Cuiying tape, her eyes watered. When she saw white, black, and Indian faces among the people doing the exercises, she was astonished and her chin dropped. After she watched the videos of Falun Dafa in Taiwan, she asked me what a 9-day seminar was and if she could watch one too. Soon afterwards, we watched the 9-day seminar together.

Now, my mother has obtained the Fa. She listens to Master's Fa lecture on CD everyday while cooking, cleaning, and knitting. She reads Master's books every night. She tries to improve her xinxing like a practitioner. Seeing the changes in her, I felt the immense power of Dafa. And to think, her amazing changes all started with a small Falun Dafa video clip that had no words in it.

Looking back at my own deviated mind, I felt so ashamed. I was so uncompassionate. Now, I can see people who still have good conscience, but their good conscience is so deeply buried under the evil lies and garbage that has been forced upon them by the Chinese Government. It's all up to us to make the effort to clean off the garbage from them and dig the goodness in them out. However great our compassion is determines how many sentient beings we can save.

There are millions of people in China just like my mother. Recently my mother said to me, "The poor people in China know nothing but lies." Her words gave me great confidence and courage to try harder in clarifying the truth to Chinese people. Now, I no longer feel reluctant to speak about the truth of Falun Dafa. When I speak, my mother speaks the truth with me by telling her own story. Looking at my mother's change, I couldn't stop thinking, "Master is so compassionate! Dafa's power is so boundless!"