(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20th, 1999, no matter how Jiang's political gang slandered and persecuted Dafa and Dafa practitioners, the light of truth could not be stopped. Dafa practitioners who were kidnapped into prisons validated Dafa with their conduct and presented to people the true nature of the universe, "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance." The practitioners told the prisoners the law and principles of Dafa and let them learn our Teacher's articles. It is Dafa that purifies people's hearts and leads them on the cultivation path of abandoning viciousness and following kindness.

"Ask my mother to cultivate Dafa with us"

One prisoner was detained in prison for drug abuse. She has had a ten-year history of taking drugs. This is her second time in jail, but she still doesn't care. Once she met Dafa practitioners, the practitioners introduced Dafa to her and introduced her to our Teacher's articles. She was quite shocked when reading them, but she still didn't believe them and said some bad words about Dafa. As a result, a big lump showed up on her leg after a few days. She realized that this was a warning to her. She spoke to the doctor: "This is retribution because I didn't respect Dafa." Afterwards another matter greatly shocked her. She told us: "That day the sentence was announced, it was raining, and very muddy on the road. I wore a raincoat and didn't think about anything except the articles of the Teacher. Even when the judge announced the result, I didn't pay attention to it. After I came back, I found the pants of the people who escorted me were covered with mud, but my shoes did not have any mud on them. It's amazing. Now I completely believe that your Teacher is not an everyday human being. He is here to save us. I will get released right away, and the first thing I will do is to tell my mom that I have obtained Dafa and want to cultivate Dafa. Then I will stay at home and read Zhuan Falun sincerely and carefully. I have lived in a daze for dozens of years and now I can't stay this way any more. My mother suffers a lot, I will ask my mother to cultivate with me." Since she obtained Dafa she began to follow "Truth- Compassion- Forbearance." The other prisoners all said she changed into an entirely new person. She said to us: "If I come here again, it will be for Dafa."

Dafa shows its power and shocks people in the maze

There were two prisoners. One was called "A", and was framed and sent to prison. According to what she said, in the beginning she preferred to die rather than live. It was Dafa that saved her and helped her to face her life with courage. Another was called "B," and had the least education out of any of us in prison. So when other prisoners recited the articles with us, we encouraged her to recite with us too. Thus some poems like "To be a Human," "Arduously Saving," "Wish," and so on, from Hong Yin [a collection of our Teacher's poems] were written on the back of an appeal letter for convenience and safety. From that day on, they would study, recite and understand the meanings of these articles and poems whenever they were available and guided themselves with "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance." "B" would sit beside me when she was free, asking about the characters and reciting them to me. One day she told our practitioners: "I respect your teacher because he has disciples like you." She also carved the poem "To be a Human" by hand on the wall of the open area.

During a routine search one Thursday, one of the prison staff found an appeal letter from "A's" inner pocket which had some of our Teacher's articles written on the back. When the staff member saw some characters on the back of the paper, he asked her ferociously, "What is this?" We were all worried for her. "A" immediately answered: "An appeal letter." The staff member returned it to her after taking a look. We Dafa practitioners all recited silently the verse: "Eliminating the evil." After a while, the sound of the door closing was heard and we knew that the search was over. Then two prisoners rushed over to "A" and took a look at the paper. It was very clear and tidy, on the back was written "Hong Yin" in small Chinese characters. They were all astonished by this miracle. Then they told us when the staff member looked at the backside of this appeal letter, they were right beside "A" and found the characters had changed. One saw some tilted, unreadable, and big characters, and another saw four clear Chinese characters "appeal reasons." Below were also some unreadable characters. That was why they came to see if it was really true. They all said: "We were doubtful about this, but it's very convincing." The whole prison cell was excited and all talked about this matter.

One night, there was nobody playing cards or chatting. Everyone was reciting "Lun Yu" [note: Lun Yu can be translated in English as the statement of Buddha Law.], "Hong Yin" and other articles of our teacher. We all felt very happy upon viewing this scene of Fa study.

The next morning, the prisoner standing beside "A" the day before told me that our Teacher purified her body the previous night. She said she had a stomachache soon after sleeping. Then, after a while, her stomach gave one more twist and the stomachache was gone. She felt very excited and regretted obtaining the Fa so late. She will sincerely cherish the Fa from now on. Another two prisoners who had disrespected "A" before, all came to talk to her and asked for her forgiveness. They are now cultivating their Xinxing [mind\heart nature, moral quality] with respect towards Dafa.

No matter how the evil attacks or slanders Dafa the light of truth cannot be stopped or blocked. Dafa has deeply entered into people's hearts, and those who damage Dafa will end with shameful results.