Huailai County of Hebei Province is located over 100 kilometers northwest of Beijing. In this ordinary town, something extraordinary happened. A lot of Falun Dafa practitioners live in this town, so this is a place that the evil is most scared of. The evil tried all different ways of torturing the practitioners. Since 1999, the practitioners there have constantly stepped forward to validate Dafa (the law and principle of the universe). The Tumu Town officials seized the opportunity to torture and detain the practitioners in order to reach their goals of extorting money and accumulating political assets. The following is a record of the persecution against local practitioners:

(Note: The net annual income of an ordinary family in that area is 2,000 -- 3,000 Yuan [about US240 - 353]. )

10. In May 2000, a practitioner from Shangbalu Village went to Beijing to validate Dafa. After he [or she; gender unknown] was caught by the police, the practitioner did not cooperate with the evil and did not give out his name or address. He was illegally detained in Beijing for over 2 months. Later a family member went to the different detention centers in Beijing to find him. After the family member recognized the practitioner, the Tumu Town officials took the practitioner back to Shangbalu Village and fined him 4,000 Yuan.

11. On July 18, 2001, the evil people from Shacheng Town in Huailai County went to Ji Xinfeng's home to arrest Ji (he is detained now). Ji and his wife did not want to cooperate with them, so they did not open the door. The evil mobilized a large number of policemen and government employees and surrounded Ji's home for 3 days. Ji and his wife, standing on the top of their house, exposed the evil and revealed the truth to the surrounding onlookers.

In the morning of July 20, eight practitioners from Tumu Town heard the news and came to Ji's home to send forth righteous thoughts. After the thugs found the eight practitioners (five women in their 60's and three males), they started to beat the practitioners without any consideration of the practitioners' age or gender. All the eight practitioners were pushed into the police vehicles. One old lady was severely injured from the beating and she was in agonizing pain and had to lie down on the ground. The practitioners were directly sent to a detention center. The detention center refused to take them over since the thugs did not follow any legal procedures. The Tumu Town officials had to take these practitioners back.

After arriving at the town government office, the thugs cuffed the practitioners in the yard. That night, after having enough alcohol and food, the thugs started their brutal torture of these practitioners. They wanted to force the practitioners to write the so-called "guarantee letters" [of giving up practicing Falun Gong], to give out information about other practitioners, then to fine the practitioners in order to make money.

That evening, the heavens, seeing the evil crimes, started to cry. The gang left the five female practitioners in the yard standing in the rain. They took the three male practitioners into a room, took off their handcuffs, started to kick and beat them. The beating immediately made one practitioner's eyes severely swollen and purple. After a while, the thugs, possibly becoming tired, said, "These practitioners are not afraid of beating. Let us electrocute them with the telephone [which can generate electricity by turning a crank in the phone]." In the past this method has often been used to torture practitioners. To an ordinary person, this is very cruel and agonizing. According to medical science, the duration of the electric current cannot go longer than 2 seconds; otherwise, the person's heart cannot tolerate it and the person will fall into a coma.

The thugs first electrocuted one of the practitioners. After shocking this practitioner for a while, they saw that this practitioner did not succumb, so they started to shock the other two. The thugs used one cuff to connect the two cuffs that were holding the hands of the two practitioners. The wires that were connected to the electricity were applied to the two handcuffs. Over 20 thugs took turns rotating the handle of the phone to generate electricity. While doing this, they burst into fits of laughter. The Town Deputy Head Jia Haiwen and the Deputy Party Secretary Li Yingjun also turned the handle of the phone in person. After the two officials got tired, they let other thugs take over. The agonizing pain made the two practitioners cry out. In the quiet night, even the residents living far away from the town government office could hear the cries. During the electrocution process, the handcuffs became tighter and tighter and finally cut into the practitioners' flesh.

After quite a while, seeing that the two practitioners still did not give in, the thugs separated them and started to electrocute them one by one. The thugs made each person raise his arms and cuffed the two hands to the back of a long bench. The two feet were tied to the legs of the bench. The wires were still connected to the two cuffs. The thugs then started to generate electricity and they electrocuted the two practitioners this way until 2:30 am. The torture lasted 4 hours. The thugs still did not succeed. They then cuffed the practitioners in the yard and planned to resume the torture next evening (they were afraid of being seen during the daytime). The officials said that they did not believe that they could not make the practitioners give in.

The next day, the practitioners were cuffed to a pole in the yard for a whole day. They lay down on the ground, which was wet after the rain. They were even not allowed to put on the clothes brought to them by their families. The 5 female practitioners were forced to raise their arms to hold a pole and squat down. They would be kicked and beaten if their gestures did not perfectly meet the requirement.

On the night of July 21, when it was quiet, the thugs shut the door and prepared to torture the practitioners, especially the three male practitioners. They cuffed the five female practitioners to a tree and let them watch the three male practitioners being tortured (since among the eight practitioners was a mother and son as well as some couples).

On the 4th day, the practitioners staged a hunger strike to demand an unconditional release. After detaining the practitioners at the town government office for 5 days and seeing that it was impossible to brainwash or fine the practitioners, the thugs sent them to the detention center. Once the vehicle reached the detention center, it started to hail, which made a big racket. Their crimes had even enraged the heavens. The detention center did not dare to take the three male practitioners because of their wounds, but they did detain four of the female practitioners for 15 days. After going through many troubles, the three male practitioners were finally released. Several weeks later, the officials felt that the three male practitioners would have recovered from their wounds. They then went to the practitioners' homes and brought two of the three practitioners to the detention center again. The two practitioners were detained there for 15 days. The third practitioner was not at home at that time and thus escaped the arrest.

According to incomplete statistics, the evil people instigated a total of 32 incidents of illegal beating, detention, and electrocuting the practitioners in this town. They also went to the practitioners' homes many times to illegally ransack the houses and molest the families. They took away the practitioners' personal belongings at will. They also forced the families of the practitioners to pay them bribes. Besides the bribes, they fined the practitioners a total of 32,500 Yuan without giving any receipts. During the detention of the eight practitioners in Tumu Town, the shameless town officials came out and urinated in front of the female practitioners, who were cuffed in the yard. When beating the practitioners, the thugs wore on their fingers a kind of metal ring that has sharp hooks. When they hit the practitioners, they drew blood and left a lot of holes in the practitioners' clothes.

The evil criminals are:

The Tumu Town Government in Huailai County, (86) 313-6836014

Major officials: Zhang Youtang, Town Party Secretary,

Hooligans: Jia Haiwen, Town Deputy Head; Li Yingjun, Deputy Party Secretary

The hatchet men: Zhang Fangbing, Yu Hongshun, Sun Zhixin.

The Huailai County Langshan Police Station: (86) 313-6836106