(Clearwisdom.net) One night in April of this year, I was distributing Dafa fliers near home alone. I was in a good state of mind, and was ready to go home. Seeing that there were not many fliers left, I decided to finish them all; in fact, I was pushing it a little. This presented a weakness, and the evil made use of it -- an old man turned me in to the Xijiaolu police station.

My "fear" emerged during the arrest. I was cooperating with the evil when I got onto the police vehicle by myself, which was a big mistake. I adjusted my state of mind later, when I came to the Luyuan police branch. I remembered Teacher's words: "If a cultivator can let go of the thought of life and death under any circumstances, evil is bound to be afraid of him." Immediately I was full of strength: What is there to fear? I am a noble cultivator of the Great Law. I have done nothing illegal, and since I am here today, I am ready to give up everything.

They searched me, and locked me in an iron chair with both legs secured. Later on they came to handcuff me. I said I had done nothing wrong, that I was not a criminal, so why should I be restrained? I struggled to refuse the handcuffs. In the end, although they did force them on me, they took them off a few minutes later. Afterwards I realised that as long as I have righteous thoughts, evil is bound to be afraid. Dafa disciples all have abilities and what we say is bound to produce an effect.

I was later taken back to the Xijiaolu police station and on the way I kept an eye out for an opportunity to escape. I was determined to give away nothing, but remembered that my name was on both my beeper and the notepad in my bag. I thought they would recognise me from my trip to Beijing to appeal last time, so I gave my name, only to find that they had forgotten who I was even before I'd finished. I deeply regretted it. Too many human notions had stopped my divine side from rectifying things. At the end of the interrogation I wrote: "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is the righteous way," "I am innocent" and I put down my name. In fact all these actions were cooperating with the evil, because my righteous thoughts were not strong enough. The root cause was not enough depth in my study of the Fa.

I talked to them about Dafa, about good and evil being rewarded accordingly; they shied away to avoid hearing. It was evening when I demanded to phone my husband to ask him to bring me food. They let me, taking me downstairs. When I had finished, they brought me to the second floor again, two of them keeping an eye on me while watching the TV, both in their 20's. Not after long, my husband came. They told him that a car would come to take me to labour camp in Tiebei, for a maximum of three years, and one or two years at minimum.

Hearing this I was alerted, my heart said that they must not send me there, as I still need to go to spread the truth! "Oh, Teacher help me, I must escape." At that moment, the opportunity came. My husband was going out to buy me food and I followed. I turned my head and saw that the police officers did not notice, and I walked out.

My husband was later caught by those evil policemen, and accused of helping me escape. My husband denied the charge and was beaten viciously by a number of police officers. He shouted loudly accusing the police of brutality. They were alarmed and brought him upstairs, handcuffing his hands behind his back. At this point four or five officers took turns beating him. They removed their badges, so that their numbers could not be seen. They played another trick this time, forcing my husband to admit that he was also a Dafa practitioner. They said wickedly: "Let's beat you to death. If we beat you to death, we will repay you."

Interrogation records were submitted twice, and were rejected both times. Then they tied my husband up and searched our home for books on Falun Dafa. When they did not find any, they took my husband back to Xijiaolu, to threaten him, continuing to assault him into admitting to being a Dafa practitioner. My husband said at last: "Is there anything wrong with practicing Dafa? My wife would even return the extra change she was given back to the shop. Isn't she trying to be a good person?" This infuriated the police, "Then you mean to say Falun Dafa is good." And then beat him more savagely.

My husband was detained illegally for fifteen days, with no written documentation. As a result, he lost his job as well. I left my home and went to stay with my parents. The Xijiaolu police rang up the police in my parents' neighbourhood, informing them that I practice Falun Gong and distribute Dafa information. I was captured again and used righteous thoughts to make another escape. I have not been able to go home since.