DAY 13-15

Saturday August 25- Monday August 27, 2001

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

The host practitioners in this city were only six months in cultivation. This group was started by a practitioner who traveled eight hours to teach them the exercises and establish the group! This practitioner also started a group in Winnipeg, Manitoba, attracting the predestined throughout two provinces. The practitioners who benefited from Gary's heart to spread Fa were really amazed by his volunteer commitment to assist them. I think they were awe-inspired.

On Saturday we spent the day in front of the Broadway theatre, and were visited by many kind people, as well as three media. We had two long info tables, an exercise video playing, big banners, and signboard display.

2001-9-5-1008.jpg (55469 bytes) 2001-9-5-1016.jpg (44514 bytes) 2001-9-5-1036.jpg (52529 bytes)
Reporter at Broadway Theatre Reporter at Broadway Theatre Family at Kiwanas Park
2001-9-5-1074.jpg (46888 bytes) 2001-9-5-1118.jpg (43148 bytes) 2001-9-5-1112.jpg (57093 bytes)
Practicing at bandshell with Saskatoon practitioners CBC reporter Reporter at bandshell

On Sunday the radio station broadcasted our interview every hour on the news. One lady hurried to find us at the Kiwanis park thinking she just had to get the exercise video. She had learned the exercises in another pursuit, but she recognized that the Falun Dafa was peaceful and soothing, and she liked them. She had been reading a book about Falun Gong, but on this day she bought Zhuan Falun. There was also a family who came by to learn about Falun Dafa, and the persecution of Falun Dafa. Every family member, young or old, was genuinely interested in learning the true stories.

On Monday CBC TV, a major Canadian TV network reported us, and this report would be broadcast throughout the entire province. Since then we have met many people who have learned about our trip, and who are happy to receive more info, or even display it in their store. Next we spoke with a free distribution newspaper. This reporter learned so much. He was continually asking us about politics, until he learned truly that we have no political interest. I believe his hearted was moved to a new understanding and he offered a full-page story.

These new practitioners in Saskatoon really have a good heart for learning Dafa, and they arranged the entire two days of events. The entire visit was prearranged to allow us to advance ourselves in Fa-rectification cultivation. In no other location did we schedule such a long stay! I believe Shiela, Jack, and Yan were awakened to new levels of understanding and insight in Dafa's Saskatoon, and our hopes that Fa will spread solidly to more people in this region.

Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada

We had some time to visit this town today, and our visit was so well received! Four media groups covered our story in this town of 15 thousand people. One TV, two newspapers, and one radio interview brought the message of Falun Dafa, and our urgent appeal to every household. And all of this happened within two and a half hours! It was a good lesson to take time to stop in a town we would pass by on our way to another location where it would be too late to contact media. This way we make best use of business hours and media appeal.

2001-9-5-1123.jpg (46290 bytes) 2001-9-5-1134.jpg (46663 bytes)
Donating books at the Yorkton library Meeting media
2001-9-5-1158.jpg (43976 bytes) 2001-9-5-1163.jpg (53573 bytes)

Meeting media

DAY 16

Tuesday August 28, 2001

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The second new group started by a practitioner from Regina hosted us in Winnipeg. These practitioners assisted us to photocopy flyers, drop off donations to the library, accommodations, and meals. Thank-you kindly everyone. It was a pleasure to attend your practice site and share with you.

2001-9-5-1199.jpg (36618 bytes)
local practice in Winnipeg

In the morning we set up our display at a park in front of the Legislature. A major newspaper reporter, as well as CBC TV reported our event. The news photographer was very interested in Falun Dafa. He took beautiful photographs (displayed in newspaper) and sat down immediately to read Zhuan Falun.

2001-9-5-1177.jpg (54583 bytes) 2001-9-5-1180.jpg (46690 bytes)
Reporter in Winnipeg Hong-fa to photographer

In the afternoon we visited Assinaboine Park, where we situated ourselves between the duck pond and the pavilion. It seemed like everybody wanted a flyer on this day. We also met with another major newspaper, and practiced the meditation, taking turns. We sent forth righteous thoughts to help clear away the evil's influence in this area, and brought forth our hopes for the future.

2001-9-5-1184.jpg (47427 bytes)
Reporters at Assinaboine Park

Western SOS Cross-Canada Team Reaches Half Way

DAY 18

Thursday August 30

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

We drove all night in order to reach Thunder Bay, and arrived at Patterson Park in the early morning. We began to distribute flyers to people on their way to work. Soon the local newspaper reporter arrived, and he conducted a clarifying interview. Next our favorite TV reporter came to do a story. This man was conscientious and thorough in reporting our story. He took the time to film many extra shots that would make an excellent report, and he let us know they were allotting the maximum air time to the story. I also did a CBC radio interview, and another newspaper featuring business interests found our story worthwhile enough to cover in detail. We dropped off a package for the mayor, and donated books to the public library. Now people in Thunder Bay have a chance to know Dafa better. "When you clarify the Truth you are saving sentient beings."(-Lecture on the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Conference)

2001-9-5-1210.jpg (33036 bytes) 2001-9-5-1228.jpg (48098 bytes) 2001-9-5-1237.jpg (46107 bytes)
News reporter in Thunder Bay TV reporter in Thunder Bay Extra shots

We took time to commemorate the halfway stop on our trip with a photo in front of City Hall.. The Ontario Cross-Canada Team covered the major city east of Thunder Bay, thus this is also the place where our trip meets in the middle. It is a wonderful trip beyond expectation. Allowing sentient beings to learn the truth about Dafa is tireless work. We wonder why we did not think to do this trip earlier.

2001-9-5-halfpnt.jpg (43831 bytes)
Half way point commemoration