The SOS tour on Vancouver Island took place between July 24 and August 4. It was completed in two trips with two practitioners per trip. The cities and towns of Duncan, Nanaimo, Parksville, Comox, Courtenay and Campbell River were visited.

Many significant events took place during our SOS Rescue tour. The following are personal experiences from two of the practitioners.

In Nanaimo, an older Native man came and ask me what Falun Gong was. He added that in the last 2 years, he and his wife saw the words Falun Gong several times in their dreams but had no idea what it meant. This man was planning to come to learn the exercises in the evening but never came.

Quite a few people were planning to come for the exercises but didn't make it. However, they all have the information and can borrow the books and exercise video at their public library.

However, meeting First Nation people through Hongfa has raised some questions for me. As we know, Vancouver Island has a high Native Indian population. This culture has suffered a great deal, has always remained very close to Nature, has Nature and animal spirits at the center of its culture, and has remained far from the greed and technology of the modern world.