(Clearwisdom.net) The following are a few selected stories of Dafa practitioners in China. Everything described is achieved through cultivation and helping Teacher in Fa-rectification. Publicizing these stories is meant to reveal the miraculous nature of Dafa.

1. One day, as a practitioner went to deliver Teacher's article to others, he encountered some police doing searches on vehicles at a roadblock. All vehicles had been halted at a mandatory checkpoint. The driver who was driving for this Dafa practitioner was afraid. The practitioner said, "Keep going, you don't have to stop." The driver then asked, "Would they listen to you?" The practitioner just smiled without a word. But after a while, the driver stopped again, so the practitioner asked why. The driver said he was afraid that he might get a ticket, so the practitioner told him, "Just keep driving." He proceeded, hesitated for a moment, then kept going slowly. In the end, not one police officer stopped this driver for questioning. In disbelief, he turned to the practitioner and exclaimed, "You must be an immortal!" The practitioner just smiled.

2. One day, two practitioners were riding in a car. As they were passing police, one of them became afraid. As this happened, the car was stopped half way through the checkpoint and was searched by police. However, the other practitioner was not afraid. He said to himself in the car, "Do not allow the police to get into the car." Instantly, at this thought, the police stopped in their tracks and began just walking around the car in circles and couldn't get in. At this moment, the head of this group came over, and as he did, the second practitioner began sending out the righteous thoughts. After he did so, the head policeman walked forward past the car as if in a daze and never bothered to question them.

3. One day, a practitioner had to take a bus to deliver Teacher's articles, but the bus station was full of police officers. However, the practitioner was very calm and was not afraid at all. All of a sudden, a thread of light appeared in front of his eyes, and in a blinking instant, he was at another place, which was about 25 kilometers away! After he got on the bus, it immediately sped up and quickly arrived at the destination.

4. One day, several homeless practitioners were walking down the street. Suddenly, about 200 policemen appeared on the same street and started yelling and slandering Dafa. Behind them were 40 some police cars, groaning all the way along. These practitioners began to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evils. Looking over there with their Tianmu, they saw the evils turn into black liquid momentarily, and spread all over the road just like patches of black tar. Later on, they realized that this was an opportunity the Teacher had planned for them to eliminate the evil together.

5. Once, two practitioners posted Dafa materials at a place where police often visit. As they were posting the materials, they also sent out righteous thoughts saying "Whoever tears these off will be punished." Later on, they found out that although the police surrounded the material yelling and screaming, nobody dared to tear any of them off. The Dafa's majesty made these evils scared.

6. A practitioner had written a statement for Dafa on a police car, yet none of the police dared to step out to remove it. They were all scared. At another scene, some practitioners using supernatural abilities wrote similar words on a policeman's hat! Such behavior also frightened the evils.