(Clearwisdom.net) Zhouzhou's parents are Falun Dafa practitioners who are determined to practice. Police listed them as "wanted," and offered a reward of 60,000 Yuan RMB (US $7,200) [approximately ten-year's income of an average urban worker] for them. Their "crime" was appealing to higher authorities. The couple was forced to leave home with their ten-year-old son. They went to other cities to prepare truth-clarifying literature, and their life was very difficult. To save money in order to print more truth-clarifying materials, they and other practitioners ate leftover, rotten cabbage and moldy steamed-buns discarded by restaurants. Under such harsh conditions, Zhouzhou did not complain at all, but instead happily took a large bag of flyers to save worldly people.

Last October, Zhouzhou and over ten other practitioners were arrested. Police interrogated him to determine his parents' whereabouts. After getting no information from him, the police hung him up by his hands and beat him, while yelling that they would kill him by splitting him in two. His trousers were torn, but he did not yield.

Around the time of the Spring Festival (January 24, 2001), Zhouzhou's mother was arrested again. Zhouzhou was heartbroken, with tears in his eyes at seeing his mother's suffering. But he courageously endured the pain. His mother walked out of the detention center 5 days later with righteous thoughts.

In the early morning of July 13, 2001, police broke into the place where Zhouzhou and his parents were living and took them all away. However, Zhouzhou walked out of the detention center with righteous thoughts. His parents are still being illegally detained.

All kind-hearted people in the world, it is the 21st century and most countries are moving towards improved living conditions and respect for human rights. However, in China even young children like Zhouzhou are brutally tortured. Is this the period that Jiang claimed as the best period of human rights in China?