[Clearwisdom.net] While I was reading Clearwisdom as usual this morning, I saw that the efforts of Dafa practitioners around the world through silent sit-ins, hunger strikes and long-distance walks had turned the world's attention towards the persecution in China. Meanwhile, having learned the truth, kind-hearted people were taking actions to show their righteous support. When I realized that the sparks were gradually becoming a prairie fire, for the first time in a long while, I was happy from the bottom of my heart. The suffering of Mainland practitioners and the endurance and sacrifice of overseas practitioners' were building new hope for mankind.

Then came the tragic news about the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Terrorists have attempted to turn Manhattan into a flaming war zone, and turn prosperity into ruin. The evil has brought severe shock and sorrow to the American people.

In July 1999, in the first few days after the persecution started, Falun Gong became the focal point of the world, but soon the tragic death of John Kennedy Jr. diverted most people's attention. The overwhelming Evil in China was almost ignored.

Later, similar situations have occurred many times.

In the following days, which may not be a short period of time, the world will turn its attention to this tragedy, its effects and consequences, and so on and so forth. After all, it happened in the center of the free world, in the heart of American commerce and government, and it was so devastating. Considering all of this, it is hard to tell how many people will pay attention to those who are now doing sit-ins, hunger strikes and long distance walks, or how many will notice those unknown people suffering on the other side of the world.

Seeing the two towers collapsing one after the other, my heart was deeply moved.

From the scenes of the wreckage and the analysis from different sources, I felt that it was almost impossible that this disaster could have been created by ordinary people, because it seemed so carefully calculated and so close to perfect. I can't help but believe that there was some other force behind it. If we could have more completely broken through our own boundaries, taught people to yearn for "Truth-Compassion -Tolerance" in their hearts, helped them take the initiative to proactively resist scheming, violence and hatred, while at the same time pursuing and safeguarding sincerity, kindness and peace, perhaps this disaster might not necessarily have occurred at this time.

However, it has happened. Accordingly, we need to contemplate how to clarify the truth in this new situation. This may become an important turning point in history. After suffering pain and tribulations, it will be easier for people to understand the horror of violence and more fully cherish "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance." Thus, we have returned to the same starting point: the evil is like poison, like bombs. It is the common enemy of mankind. No matter where it locates, whether or not it happens to you, as long as the evil exists, it will be a common threat to all kind-hearted people. Everyone should eliminate the evil and should not refuse to shoulder this responsibility.

(Written on September 11th, and updated at 1pm on September 12th)