July 16, 2001

(Clearwisdom.net) Mama Liu lived in the countryside and was almost seventy. She could not read. She was infected with the early phase of uremia, which kept her in poor health and caused her to vomit, have a poor appetite, and become emaciated and weaker day by day. Her blessing arrived on March 1999 when she obtained Dafa [Great Law; Universal Principles]. One week after practicing Falun Gong, her illness improved a lot. One month after practicing the gentle exercises and studying the Fa, she could walk steadily.

After the evil windstorm of persecuting Falun Gong began in July 1999, she was frightened by the despotic power of evils and did not dare to practice anymore. Nine months later, she was sent to the hospital. The result of physical examination showed it was the final phase of uremia. She felt very regretful. On her sickbed, she told us her experience of cultivation:

"Not long after I started to practice Falun Gong, I was listening to the audiotapes of Master Li's lectures. Suddenly, I felt my body was grabbed briefly and became light. The stuff that had blocked my chest for many years disappeared. Then I felt the rotation of Falun (Law Wheel) in my abdomen. Since then I did not vomit anymore and had a good appetite. One month later, the symptom of urea incontinence disappeared too. I was overjoyed.

"One day, when I stood on a pot to feed my pigeons, I stumbled by accident. At the moment when I fell down I thought I would not be able to move anymore. However, when I was almost touching the ground, I felt a hand give me support. After I stood up, I only felt a little pain on my hipbone and did not have any other trouble. I knew it was Master who protected me.

"After July 20, 1999, although I stopped cultivation, the exercise instruction poster was still hanging in my room. One day five months later, my grandson said to me: Let's take down the exercise instruction poster. Otherwise we will have trouble if the authorities see it. I said, OK, then took it down. Ten days after I took it down, while I was lying on my bed, I felt the stuff which Master had removed from my body come back to me and suddenly blocked my chest. I started to feel sick again.

"I am very regretful now. I should not have believed those lies on TV. I must continue to cultivate after I can stand up."

Despite this, the modern medicine did not allow her to stand up. After living in the hospital for two months, with deep regret she left the human world. The day her body was cremated, outside the smoke window of the cremation stove, along with the elevating smoke, a yellow Falun flew slowly towards the northwest, under the background of the blue sky and white clouds, under the astonished view of everyone there. One of her sons who cultivates and another son who does not cultivate were both deeply shocked.