Some Reflections On Hunger Strikes Outside Of China

As Fa rectification disciples, we need to be clear-minded from the standpoint of the Fa and also about the objective results of our actions, no matter what form of activity in which we are engaged. In this article, we avail ourselves of observations coming out of small-scale discussions from many areas to facilitate communication among more practitioners on the issue of overseas hunger strikes.

Discern the Forms of Demons and Quickly Complete the Process of Transforming from Humans to Gods

A young practitioner told me something that struck me as quite important.

According to her, at present, practitioners are all very diligent in their cultivation. They are able to recognize many different forms of demonic interference and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them promptly. But there is one kind of demon that is especially cunning. This kind of demon pretends to very enthusiastically push the Fa-rectification process forward, and actively participates in many activities with practitioners such as group study and discussion, spreading the Fa and clarifying the truth. It creates many different false impressions in an attempt to shake the righteous beliefs of practitioners. This demon focuses its attention on the areas where the practitioners have omissions and tries to damage the Fa-rectification process. Whenever we start to feel "irritable" because of the lack of apparent results from our efforts to spread the Fa, whenever human attachments arise which cause disagreements among practitioners, whenever our hearts are in a state of "unsteadiness," this demon will immediately take over and cause interference. As a result, we have ups and downs and argue with one other endlessly. The demon is then able to divide our collective power to rectify the Fa and eliminate the evil, thereby damaging the whole momentum of spreading the Fa. The small practitioner also saw that whenever we start to get worked up and feel "restless," the demon would drag our xinxing standard down rapidly. Whenever we use strong language and stubbornly hold on to our own opinions, an environment filled with strong demonic nature is formed around us. Because of our inadequate understanding of this kind of demon, we are not able to take the initiative to eliminate it. But some practitioners ignore this demon and walk away to do the things that they are supposed to do. The demon then becomes very angry and digs out the remaining, deeply hidden human prejudices inside of practitioners that cause them to point fingers at one another, blame one another, and even be angry at one another. As a result, everyone feels unsettled and does not know what to do. When practitioners have occasionally recognized the existence of this demonic nature and pointed it out, the demon would cover up its activities by saying, "I' being responsible for the Fa. I am really worried because the practitioners have not been able to elevate themselves as a group." That is how this kind of demon has been able to escape punishment from the righteous forces.

Letter to UN General Secretary Kofi Annan

Dear Honorable General Secretary Kofi Annan:

We come here to the United Nations, with the hope that peace and freedom of belief will be realized for everybody. We come here to present this letter to you, with the trust that justice and the conscience of mankind will prevail. We come here after a 10-day hunger strike, with the understanding that the brutality of the ongoing persecution against Falun Gong has gone beyond the limits of forbearance.

New Jersey Governments and People Join SOS -- Urgent Rescue Efforts (I)

August 16, 2001

Greetings everyone. We' gathered here today in Trenton, NJ, in front of the New Jersey State House, to pay homage to those who partook in the historic 250 mile "SOS: Rescue Falun Gong Practitioners Persecuted in China" walk. On July 3rd, these courageous individuals began a journey that would span a distance of 250 miles, starting from New Jersey, and consummating at out our nations capital, in Washington, DC.

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