(Clearwisdom.net ) One morning about two months ago, I went to Chinatown to distribute Falun Dafa materials with a fellow practitioner. After a while, it started raining heavily, so we went into the entryway of the supermarket to avoid the rain and distribute materials to the people there. A Chinese gentleman who was on a business trip to Canada took Dafa materials and said to us, "I wholeheartedly sympathize with you and would like to support you as well. I know the situation in China. I'm working in the army and there are many army officers and soldiers who practice Falun Gong. They've really been cured of their sicknesses through practicing it. They have benefited a lot from Falun Gong both mentally and physically. But Jiang Zemin is forcing them to give up practicing and demanding them to say bad things about Falun Gong. Is there any hope for China if the government doesn't allow its people to speak the truth?"

We then gave him the videotape called "The Truth About the Self-Immolation." He took it and said, "I know that the incident is staged without watching the videotape. Actually, the common Chinese people all know deep down that the government will do whatever it wants in order to benefit itself. I will not only carefully read the materials you've given me, but will also have people I know read them. I will help you to spread [Falun Dafa] as well." Later on, we ran into each other a few times in Chinatown or at the bus stop when I waited for the bus after work. When he saw us come again to distribute Dafa newsletters after a night shift without getting any rest, he was deeply touched and sighed, "You're working so hard, how extraordinary you are. Your hard work is meant to bring out the goodness of more kindhearted people--those who criticize you and say that you're taking money from American anti-China forces are completely without any humanity. They're telling a flat-out lie. It must not be easy for you to make money here in Canada, and I know you're not rich, but you pool your incomes to print newsletters. I'm deeply touched by your spirit. I don't have much money, but this twenty dollars is a token of my admiration and please use it to print more materials." He had waited for us for quite a while to express his admiration and support of Dafa and to give us the twenty dollars. We couldn't accept his money but we were touched by his kind heart. If everyone maintains a kind heart towards Dafa, he or she is choosing a wonderful future for him or herself at this very moment when the new world is being created.