(Clearwisdom.net) It was that time again for Dafa practitioners around the world to send forth righteous thoughts over the weekend. We gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy and started practicing exercises in between sending forth the righteous thoughts.

After I entered into Ding (a state of empty, yet conscious mind), I saw countless high-level beings in the boundless cosmos observing Dafa practitioners in the human world. Some wore very serious expressions, some were shedding tears, and some were on their knees showing their respect. They saw Dafa practitioners doing what they were supposed to do during Fa rectification period under pressure and in the midst of many difficulties. Surrounded by the terror inspired by the evil forces, misunderstood and interfered with by family members, suffering from severe financial difficulties and the pain of having to leave their hometowns and families, under pressure at work, and scolded by deceived people, Dafa practitioners have let go of everything, throwing themselves wholeheartedly into the work of clarifying the truth and rectifying the Fa. Beings in the cosmos were touched by the practitioners' dedication towards Dafa, and some even shed tears. At the same time, the performance of Dafa practitioners during the Fa rectification period has won the respect of many beings in the universe.

Before July 20, 1999, many high-level beings were not content with the cultivation practice of practitioners. Seeing that Teacher had upgraded cultivators from the filthiest planet of the universe to such a high realm, they could not understand and felt that it was unfair. At that time, even though cultivators had enlightened to the principles of the universe to a fairly high level, they did not have their own mighty virtue, as they had been brought up to those levels by Teacher's benevolent salvation. That was why those high-level beings were unhappy. Since the practitioners started their Fa rectification process, the Buddha's, Taos and Gods saw the magnificent transformation of Dafa practitioners in the human world from individual cultivation to Fa-rectification cultivation. They witnessed the dedication that practitioners have displayed for Dafa through their remarkable acts of safeguarding the Fa with determination and giving people the chance of salvation. Now, these high-level beings agree with the fact that Dafa practitioners will reach cosmic levels that are much higher than theirs.

Our great and benevolent Teacher used this historic period of Fa rectification as a chance for practitioners to establish their mighty virtue, smoothing out the complicated relationships existing in the universe for practitioners, enriching their paradises, balancing the positions of all beings from top to bottom and harmonizing the Fa of the universe. This is precisely the reason why cultivators who are not involved in Fa rectification will not be able to return no matter how high a level they have enlightened to -- because they do not have this mighty virtue and therefore cannot reach Consummation. This is all being balanced out and controlled by the Fa principles of the universe.

The above only represents what I saw at my level. It only serves as a reference.