I am a middle school student. On May 9th, 2001, I was handcuffed and sent to the City Court along with several other Falun Gong practitioners. Four big security guards interrogated me. At the beginning of the interrogation, they tried to put a smile on their faces and said that if I told them what they wanted to know, they would release me.

I knew that I didn't do anything wrong. I just tried to be a good person, so I clarified the truth to those security guards who were much older than me. But they stopped me and shouted at me that, "We are interrogating you, not you interrogating us!" I replied, "I am innocent; why do you interrogate me?" Then I kept silent. They became angrier and tried to force me to tell them the name of our 'Coordinator' who organized our visit to Beijing. I kept silent.

Then they took out a rope and threatened to tie me up. The thought of being tied up made me feel rather uncomfortable. I remembered that, when I was a child, I cried a lot when I saw someone who had been tied up and beaten by bad people. But today, they even went so far as to tie up a teenage girl who was only about half as tall as they were.

Later, they changed their minds. They did not tie me up. Instead, two policemen came up and started to slap my face from both sides. I didn't remember how many times I was slapped. The only thing I could feel was that my ears were buzzing, my face was aching; and I couldn't hear clearly what they were scolding me about.

Then, they dragged my handcuffed hands very hard. I didn't remember for how long. All I could remember was that one man dragged me by my handcuffs into a courtyard. I could hear people laughing and a funny voice that said, "Use an electric baton to beat her..." After they took the handcuffs off, my wrists remained purple for a long time.

At 3 o'clock in the morning, I was illegally sent to a county detention center. Then they interrogated me for the 2nd time in the Chicheng City Public Security Bureau, where they put me onto a "tiger rack" (an instrument of torture) for nearly five hours. It is said that this kind torture instrument is used on criminal offenders, but they used it on a teenage girl like me.

As a teenager, I only exercised my legal rights. But, as a result, I was illegally detained for over 40 days. June 22nd was the day to take entrance examinations to high school, but these people didn't let me take the exam and deprived me of the chance to receive further education only because I wanted to continue cultivating "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance" and to be a good person. I really cannot understand how could they treat a good person like this? This is totally different than what I've learned from books.

I cried from my heart, "Do not let such tragedy happen to another person." As a teenager, I've already experienced how broad, immense and profound Falun Dafa is. There are many kids like me learning this Dafa. I wish more uncles and aunties would come and know us better. I wish they would come and know us genuinely good people.