(Clearwidsom.net) Jindou (pseudonym) is eleven years old. At one time she was afflicted with a lingering disease, but since she started to practice Falun Dafa five years ago, she has become healthy and happy.

But now, because she is a Falun Dafa practitioner, she was forced to drop out of school and flee from home. Whenever she was not diligent, our benevolent Teacher gave her hints, encouraged her, and protected her. Although the hints were given to her, I felt ashamed when I heard about them, as if Teacher were criticizing me.

In one of her dreams, a messenger in blue led her to the gate of a great palace. He opened the gate and said: "Let me show you around the palace." Jindou went in and saw three tall mountains inside. The messenger led her to take a look at the first one. There were many practitioners on this mountain, some standing on lotuses and some standing on clouds. They sent out Falun and something like Gong (energy potency) from their bodies to forcefully eliminate demons. Then the messenger showed her the second mountain. On this mountain, the practitioners sat on the ground in full lotus position. They eliminated evil whenever they came. Otherwise, they sat there passively. On the third mountain, there were many rows of single beds, on which many practitioners were sleeping soundly. Everyone had their mouths open, casually lying there, and thunder-like snoring sounds came from all over the mountain. In her dream, Jindou was wearing a little Taoist robe and looked like an 8 or 9-year-old. She bent over to look at each bed and saw that the person who lay on the second bed was actually herself! She was greatly surprised and dumbstruck. She turned and asked the messenger, "How come I'm not on the first mountain, eliminating demons with the others? How come I'm soundly sleeping here?" Jindou could not repeat what the messenger said, which was in an ancient language. The main points she understood were, "This is a reflection of what you are doing, and I cannot change it for you. This is the true portrayal of your actions. If I put you on the first mountain, wouldn't it be a false illusion?"

When she woke up, Jindou examined herself carefully, and I was in deep regret also. We decided that from that point on we would take the initiative to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil, get rid of the bad habit of laziness, and practice cultivation diligently. We should make ourselves worthy of Teacher's endless patience and forbearance. We should be rational, mature, and worthy practitioners, and put Teacher's mind at ease.