(Clearwisdom.net) Following are examples of how police in Changchun City, Jilin Province, who have mistreated Dafa practitioners by either illegally detaining them, torturing them, or by sending them to labor camps, have received retribution for their evil actions:

Tian Zhonglin, the director of the Changchun Public Security Bureau, is one of those in charge of the 610 Office (An office created by the government to deal specifically with Falun Gong issues). Zhonglin, who has illegally arrested and detained hundreds of Dafa practitioners, has been receiving retribution since March of this year. He is unable to lift his right arm, which gives him continuous pain. On May 1st, three of his family members, (two brothers and a nephew) died in a car accident.

Police officer Yi Famin from Mengjiaqiao Police Station at Kuancheng district, arrested dozens of Dafa practitioners. In Nov. 2000, upon receiving results of a physical examination, he discovered he had terminal liver cancer. Yi Famin continued to illegally arrest practitioners until the day before he was hospitalized. He died a month later while in the hospital.

The director of East Guangchang police substation in the same district and city is Wu Ke, who once worked at Beijing's Dajie police substation, prior to his assignment at East Guangchang. During the period when he held offices at both places, he illegally detained dozens of Dafa practitioners and put some of them into labor camps. One day in April of this year, his staff members, Jiang Dong and Guo Yuzhu, who are also responsible for evil deeds, went to a hotel for a drink. Jiang Dong opened fire on the waiter at the hotel for no reason, and then shot himself. Wu Ke was investigated and held responsible for their actions. He was demoted, while Guo Yuzhu was discharged. The director of the Kuancheng police substation, Tian Chunming, was also held accountable. After the director of the Changchun Public Security Bureau, Tian Zhonglin, bribed the Police Commission, he avoided demotion.

Yang Jingli, the head of the Youth Road Police Substation in Luyuan district, illegally sent more than ten Dafa practitioners to labor camps. In less than a year, he bribed his way to promotion. He was demoted because of an open fight between factions of the local underworld and the police.

In order to gain promotion, Liu Jian, the director of Ziqiang Police Substation in Nanguan district, detained and brutally beat disabled practitioners. In March of this year, his teen-age son became ill with leukemia and died on August 3rd. It is reported that his mother-in-law believed the child's death to be retribution for the father's actions.

Sun Lixuan, from Luyuan police substation, Luyuan district, insulted and cursed Dafa practitioners many times. His child, who is at the age when he should be able to talk, has instead become deaf and dumb. Local residents and colleagues all say that he is receiving retribution.