(Clearwisdom.net) Thought is reality in other dimensions. It is even more real than the matter in this dimension. Our Dafa practitioners' state of mind is especially important in Fa rectification, clarifying the truth, and eliminating evils. Dafa practitioners' realms are higher than that of the ordinary people. Dafa practitioners' thoughts carry strong energy. The purity of Dafa practitioners' thoughts is incomparable among ordinary people. What we think in our mind is the reality in other dimensions.

Why is it that the more some practitioners fear, the more likely they are captured and persecuted? In fact, this space is only a manifestation of other spaces. The other dimensions are more real. When we face the policemen, what is on our mind? What do we treat ourselves as? Teacher said, "We have said that good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought." [Zhuan Falun, Lecture Four, "Upgrading Xinxing"] If one thinks, "He is a policeman. He found me. I am not able to run away. I am about to be taken away," and even feel like a thief in one's heart, then one's body in other dimensions will weaken and shrink smaller than that of the policeman. In the meanwhile, the policeman's body in other dimensions has also sensed it, "Oh. You shrank, like a thief. I must catch you. I can beat you." Thus, capture is certain.

If one thinks, "We are kind citizens. We have not done anything wrong. We are clarifying the truth and exposing the evil," but still taking oneself as human, then the policeman may be a bad one and he is still willing to do bad things to innocent citizens. Out of weakness of will, he might still persecute you. If one thinks, "I am an indestructible god. I am doing the greatest and most righteous thing in the cosmos. I am saving people and rectifying the Fa. I am also saving you. Your capturing me is wrong. You are persecuting the just. You are only one of the pitiful and small lives that have been deceived by evils," then this can make a difference. In other dimensions, a great and majestic god stands in front of an ignorant and small life. One's heart will be filled with compassion. One's mind will be as indestructible as diamond. Even one's body will be indestructible. Could one still be affected by the policeman? The evil elements that supported him can only be dissolved. He can only feel respect and fear. He may even feel guilty for his mistakes because he was facing a god.

I once heard about this incident: A practitioner was distributing materials that clarified the truth. A plainclothes agent came and shouted, "Got you! So you're the one who pasted all of these up. Come with me!" But the practitioner was filled with righteous energy. He had no fear. He said with majestic compassion, "Do you know what I pasted up?" The agent said, "No." "All right. I can show you." The practitioner took him to the materials that were just pasted up. He also read the contents to the plainclothes. Then he asked, "Do you understand now?" The plainclothes replied, "No." The practitioner read it again, and said, "Do you understand now?" The agent said again, "No." the practitioner then said, "That's fine. Stay here and read it carefully. I am leaving." The practitioner then walked away. After walking some distance, undisturbed, he looked back. The agent was still standing there, transfixed.

From this example, we can tell how important our Dafa particles' mind is. Teacher said, "Your mind must be right." The more righteous one's mind is, the greater and the more brilliant one's bodies in other dimensions are, the less significant the evils are, and the less they can do. In the past, people with supernormal capabilities said, "When two armies fight here, there is war in other dimensions, too. Oftentimes, after one side wins in other dimensions, that side in this dimension also wins."

During today's Fa rectification and sending forth righteous thoughts, Teacher asked us to imagine that we are like gods, as tall as the heavens and incomparably noble. In fact, this is to help us sidestep our not-fully-cultivated human side, and to take us into that realm. When we achieve this, we really are the great gods in other dimensions. The evils within the Three Realms are nothing, not worth even dirt. Isn't our eliminating evil cleaning dirt out of the universe? When we distribute material that clarifies the truth, aren't we gods walking on the earth? When we are full of righteous energy, no evil can touch us, and the evil fears us, not us fear the evil. If they don't run away, they will be eliminated. Gods have no enemies: neither human nor demon can be worthy of being our enemies. The demons are meant to be eliminated. Human are lives that can be saved. If we take ourselves as human only, then humans are doing Dafa tasks. If we take ourselves as gods, then great gods are rectifying the Fa.

Once, brainwashed former practitioners from Masanjia Labor Camp surrounded me and tried to change my righteous belief in Dafa using their vicious lies. My mind was very upright at that time. I thought, "I am a righteous and great god. You are low and pitiful small demons and ghosts." I felt I was huge. I looked down upon their ridiculous show as though I were watching clowns. They could not interfere with me at all. Their lips flapped but their words couldn't come out to be heard. A former practitioner who has turned to oppose Dafa is worse than human. We can only have compassion and pity for those lost souls. We can use Dafa and our compassion to wake them up and try to correct them using everything that is the most righteous. We cannot think on the same level as those who have gone to evil enlightenment. Some practitioners treat these traitors as their fellow practitioners. Don't you actually fall to their level in disguised form? As a result, some people lost themselves. Being equal to them and trying to analyze what they said, one absorbs their things unknowingly. In fact, these people are all controlled by demons. Only when they regain control of themselves and come back to Dafa can they be qualified to be our fellow practitioners.

Teacher said, "Gods refuse to think of humans as their kin, ..." How can we be like the ordinary people? This is not the time of personal cultivation. When facing persecution from vicious people, we can treat those lives that still have human sense as savable, and treat them kindly. But we cannot equate ourselves with them and even less see them as a force that can restrain us. Otherwise, it would be an insult to both ourselves and to Dafa, and at the same time, it would become a kind of element that persecutes us and stops us from doing Fa rectification.

These are just my personal understanding. Let's all take the Fa as teacher.

August 14, 2001