Greetings, Master!

Greetings, fellow practitioners!

My name is Amy Lee. I come from mainland China. I started to cultivate Falun Dafa in July of 1997. The boundless principles of Falun Dafa shocked me, changed my view of the world, my view of life, and my view of values. I have felt joy deep inside all the way to the essence of my being. Dafa helped me to have realized the true meaning of life, and feel eternal happiness. Today I am here to expose the persecution of my family and me committed by the evil forces in the past 20 months.

In the morning of July 20 of 1999, many practitioners and I spontaneously went to the complaints office in the city government to peacefully appeal. We wished the government could learn about Falun Gong. The police took us to the countryside in buses and cast us out. They told us to talk to the central government if we had complaints, and the local government doesn't have the authority. Therefore, we went to the province government to appeal in the afternoon. After getting the same reply, I immediately went to Beijing. In the morning of July 21, I was arrested on my way to the Beijing Complaints Bureau. The staff wrote six guarantees on the blackboard, which were "guarantee not to appeal, guarantee not to practice Falun Gong, not to provide boarding for Falun Gong...," then they ordered us to transcribe them and sign it. They forced us to watch videotapes that slander Master and Dafa, and instigated us to criticize Falun Gong. We refused to cooperate with the government and police on this. It is completely lawful for us to appeal through legal channels. It is under "The Appeal Regulations of the People's Republic of China." It is a citizen's responsibility and duty.

On May 13 of 2000, I finally made it. I held a banner reading "Falun Dafa is Good" in Tiananmen Square. I knew what we were doing was to create opportunities for the people of the world to see the Fa. At that moment, my heart was filled with joy; I realized it was compassion. In my heart, I was expecting the people of the world to see the Fa. Soon after, several policemen came to beat me and pushed me into a police van. At that time, two female practitioners were sitting cross-legged outside the van, refusing to uncross their legs. Several policemen tried very hard to carry them into the van, then pulled one's hair and hit her head on the holding bar. I stood up and shouted, "Don't beat people." Next, I was slapped dozens of times by the police. My hearing was temporarily lost. My face turned black and blue. Soon after, the van was filled with practitioners. We all said loudly, "Don't beat people." The police officer was crazy and slapped everyone like z lunatic. He stared at us and said, "Who beats people? I haven't slept for three days. Everyday several hundred people come. I arrest more, and more come. I'm tired to death." When I opened my eyes and saw his tired eyes, my heart was filled with mercy and sorrow -- that was the sorrow for the nation and fellow citizens. During the next 12 hours, we were detained in the backyard of the Tiananmen Detention Center. As a punishment, we were deprived of using toilets. All day, we were quietly practicing the exercises. Realizing they could not stop us, the policemen setup two big speakers with extremely loud disco music to interfere with us. After we finished the exercises, we recited Master Li's articles together, and poems from Hongyin. Then they held the noisy high-pitch speaker on our ears. We still kept on going peacefully. What we cultivate is the main consciousness. External evil cannot interfere with us.

At that night, I was sent to the 13th Department of the Beijing Police Bureau in Changpin County. They started with physical punishment. Then, four or five police forcefully searched my body, and pulled my hair to hit me on the wall. They violently hit my head and chest with leather shoes. I lost consciousness at that time. After I woke up, my head hurt, and I found I had been stripped. My whole body was beaten to black and blue. A lot of my hair had been pulled out. A female police officer came in. She stepped on my body back and forth with her high-heel shoes, and slandered me by claiming that I was faking death. During 11 days of detention, they took away my money and clothes, and didn't give me any basic living supplies, even a toothbrush, towels, toilet papers and quilts were not sold to me and the other practitioners. Most of the female prisoners in jail were committed for prostitution, bribery, and stealing. They moved me to the different cells four times. I got to know more prisoners. Almost all of them had attained the Fa from those previously detained disciples. Everyday they were telling me those touching stories of one group after another of disciples who were detained there, telling me how those vicious police tortured the disciples with 350 -- 380 volt electric power, how they were force-fed through their noses. I kept on teaching them to recite more of Master Li's articles, and helping them to suppress their demonic nature, to get rid of the bad habits, and to become good and righteous people. I carved more than seventy poems from Hongyin and "Genuine Cultivation" using an aluminum button on the side of the wall beyond of the range of the monitor. The prisoners kept doing Falun Gong exercises and reciting Master Li's articles with me. Even though this often caused them to be punished for standing or extending their jail term, when they talked about how they committed bad deeds and got arrested, they often lamented if they cultivated Dafa earlier, they would not be in prison. Seeing their Buddha nature coming out, I was very happy for them. Our benevolent Master said he would not like to miss a single predestined person.

On May 16, a fellow practitioner and I were suddenly taken out of the cell, while we had been eating normally. A few strong men stretched out our arms and legs and tied us on an iron bed. Without saying anything, they stuck a tube into my nose and kept stirring it to pretend they were force-feeding me. While stirring, they ordered me to say my name. They tried to force me to reveal my name and address through torture. Therefore, I went on a hunger strike to protest this evil conduct. Five days later, I was committed to a mental hospital. They put me in a room with a mental-ill patient, and tied me on a dirty bloody stained bed to be force-fed. This time they used a thick and hard plastic tube to feed through my nose. The whole process was supervised by police, while the nurses doing the insertion. Same as the last time, while being tortured, I was still holding on to righteous thought in my mind. There were neither complaints nor hatred in my heart. I was reciting Falun Dafa books loudly, hoping that they could hear the Fa. One male police wondered and asked the nurse who was force-feeding me what I was saying. Afterwards he said to himself: "looks like I need to cultivate, too." He probably realized that cultivators' righteous thought could not be defeated.

I was taken back to the Detention Center on May 24. Four policemen interrogated me for 24 hours, and did not let me sleep. They tried to get some information about other Falun Dafa cultivators from me, yet I refused to talk about others. They tried to force me to give in by mentally torturing my family members. About 9:00 p.m. they notified my husband and our 4-year-old daughter and lied to them that they could take me home as soon as I told them where the other practitioners were. After my daughter cried very hard, the police sent my husband and my daughter away. At midnight, they repeated this trick again. Being tired, my daughter cried so hard that her voice became horse. I knew that evil was using my sentiment for my family to test me, but I did not give in to the evil. Finally, the police charged me with "disturbing social order" and detained me for 15 days. In the detention center, I practiced the exercises and introduced Dafa to other prisoners. The prisoners all treated me very nicely. A few days later, the jailer found this out. He got very upset and transferred me to another cell that contained felons. They also told the supervisor of the prisoners to beat me. After I was beaten for 20 minutes, the jailer was afraid that I was going to be beaten to death and transferred me to another section. The jailer ordered me to work as everyone else does. Our job was to complete 4 big boxes of "holiday light bulbs." Beginners like me usually need to work 15 hours a day to finish each day's quota. I knew it was illegal for the detention center to have prisoners to manufacture the exported products to earn a "bonus." I could not participate. I told this to the other prisoners. They understood this. Some of them even gave me the Dafa books which they had secretly hidden away. Quite a few prisoners attained Falun Dafa. Among them, one was mute and one was a drug addict.

On the morning of July 13, about 30 people from the Detention Center and Legislation Commission came to my home and tried to send me to a "Brainwashing Class," but I refused to go and instead introduced Dafa to these staff members who were deceived by the government's propaganda. I showed them some materials that clarify the truth of Falun Gong. Since they did not dare to look at the materials, I read to them. In this way, one after another group came and left. Finally, the Director of the Detention Center came in person and tried to arrest me. He ordered my husband to drag me downstairs, and said it would be better to drag me into the police van. My husband does not practice Falun Dafa; however, he refused them even under such pressure. He also asked the Director if he had any warrant to arrest me. The Director said he did not issue an arrest warrant. The Director put pressure on my husband's company, and forced his boss to get up late at night to write a guarantee letter. Meanwhile, my husband also guaranteed that I would not to go to Beijing. Only under this condition, those from the Detention Center finally left temporarily, by this time it was already midnight.

The next day, my husband's company approved his proposal for a family vacation. He made the reservation through the airline. However, suddenly his superiors stopped this without any reason. My husband was told to stay home and watch me as his full-time job. They put a special lock on our door. No one was allowed to go downstairs. For three days, our home became a jail. The evil people even stooped so low as to ruin my child's vacation. We could order out for food, but could only stack the garbage on the floor. On July 16, the director of the Resident Commission called and told us they were going to hold a brainwashing class in my home. I could not let them show those slanderous videotapes of Master and Dafa in my home, and would not like them to give my husband and his company another hard time. Therefore, I decided to rent a place to live so that my husband could work normally. I left with my daughter when my husband was sleeping. But the Security Department tapped my cell phone and found my new place that same night. Over twenty people shoulder by shoulder held their arms together and formed a human wall. They kidnapped my daughter and me, and took away my cell phone, so I could not call for help. They took me to the "Transformation Class."

The next evening at the supper, without my knowledge they drugged my food. It did not take long for me to feel sleepy and weak. They took this opportunity to take away my daughter who was playing beside my pillow. My daughter's screaming shocked the other practitioners who were also detained in nearby rooms. More "Brainwashing Groups" from the Police Department, the Legislation Commission, Judiciary Department, and [party name omitted] Party School, mentally tortured me and other practitioners separately day and night. They forced me to change my mind, and give up my belief in Falun Gong. They wanted me to practice Taichi, or aerobic exercise. They forced me to watch the slanderous videotapes of Master Li and Dafa. They turned a TV up very loud all night long, not letting us sleep. The policemen walked in and out freely smoking cigarettes all night. They threatened and tempted me, saying they were going to send me to a Labor Camp. They threatened me with my family, house, child and career, so I requested a lawyer. They said no lawyers would dare to take any Falun Gong related case. Innocent citizens were detained illegally, and were deprived the rights to have legal representation. I was forced to start a hunger strike. I hoped to wake up these numb and ignorant lives even if it would cost my life. I could not bear to see them ignorantly continue to commit evil deeds, and to destroy their lives unknowingly. I still practiced the exercises and studied the Fa during the whole brainwashing class so as to strengthen my main consciousness, and not let the external evil force interfere with me.

Every single person who came to transform me became my object of spreading the Fa. I clarified the truth with compassion, cleansed up their minds of all the lies, and enlightened their Buddha nature. There was a new staff member in the Resident Commission. She slandered Master Li and Dafa badly at the beginning. Later on, she found out those detained here were all good people. The other staff members were afraid to lose their jobs, so they followed the instructions against their consciousness. During the brainwashing class, my husband's boss came to work on me. He told me that my refusing to write a guarantee caused them a lot of trouble. They were being punished and had to write a repentance statement. My husband was called into the Detention Center to record what he said about the interrogation at night. His boss had to write a repentance statement because of me. Even the security guard in my place was called into the Detention Center. Under such pressure, my husband and his boss came to the Brainwashing Class several times to try to persuade me to stay away from Falun Gong. They asked me to choose between my marriage and Falun Gong. I insisted Falun Gong and my marriage were not in conflict. Later, the Court sentenced divorce from one side with the reasons that I indulged in Falun Gong, severely interfering with my husband's work. They granted the child custody and the house to my husband with the reason that my practicing Falun Gong is harmful for my child's mind and body.

There was no freedom for me even after I was out of the Brainwashing Class. They withheld my personal ID, and tapped my phone. I was followed wherever I went. The local police often came to check on me. They checked on me over the phone every other day. On the morning of December 18, the minute I stepped out of my door, over a dozen of Resident Commission and Legislation Commission staff members were already waiting to kidnap me and take me back to another "Brainwashing Class." As soon as I saw them, I immediately turned back and shut the door. They sent a leader to talk to me. They told me they wanted to take me to another Brainwashing Class. They threatened me by saying that they would follow me 24 hours a day if I refused to go. They also warned me not to call police by dialing 110 (an emergency number in China). A few days earlier I did call the police at the 110 number because when I went outside with my child, I discovered someone was following us. A police officer came and he was very uncomfortable when he found out the reason of my calling. The police did not do anything. When I called the Detention Center complaining about people following me, the answer was, "Who told you to go outside? If you stayed at home, there would not be anyone following you!" The police have turned into nothing better than organized crime!

From then on, there were eight people every day to follow me. 12 hours for each session. Sometime they followed me on motorcycle; sometime they had two women walk very close to each other following me closely. No matter what I was doing such as going to work, buying food, eating dinner or seeing my customers, they never left my side. They followed me home and stayed outside my home all night. Sometimes they would come into my office suddenly. They would not let me take any trips for my official business. Every evening, when I was in my class for learning computer skills, they would call and talk to my teacher to check on me, which severely interfered with my normal work and study. This treatment lasted for 16 days. When they finished following me, the director of the Legistration Commission came to my home and found out that I still refused to write a guarantee, they told me that I had to go to another Brainwashing Class, and they were not going to send people to follow me any more because those who followed me all ended up learning Falun Gong. Master tells us not to treat people as our enemies. Therefore, I did not lose any opportunities to tell the truth of Falun Gong to those who followed me. They are the ones who didn't know the truth. As long as we tell them about the truth of Falun Gong, what we suffocate is the evil behind them, and what we save are human lives.

On January 5, 2001, I was forced to move. It was incredible that as soon as I moved to the new place, the utility administration department cut off my electricity and water by following the order from the Detention Center. The new director of the Resident Commission constantly harassed me. In order to push me to move, they came to make trouble constantly, and tried to warp my mind. The persecution was getting intense, and at the time kidnapping of Falun Dafa practitioners was quite frequent. Therefore I was forced to give up my newly decorated home and started wandering soon afterwards. I learned that the Security Department and the Legistration Commission arrested my sister who did not practice Falun Gong while they surrounded my home and were waiting for me. My sister came a long way to see me. They forced her to write down four guarantees before they released her. My sister lived far away from me, she came to visit her dear sister whom she had not seen for a long time, but instead she was surrounded. They forced her to tell where I was. She sadly pointed to the 17-meter long rope, which I had attached to the 5th floor window for my escape, and they all became speechless.

In the last 20 months, numerous Falun Gong disciples' families like mine have been separated. Just like me, numerous Falun Gong practitioners' rights to basic living, to work, to raise their children, the right to live in their home has been taken away. It is the evil that abuses the power to suppress truthful, compassionate and tolerant people. They either send us to jail, or force us to escape and live a wandering life. Kindhearted people, please show your support for the sake of righteousness! Falun Gong practitioners, let us work harder to resist the evil. Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence. Let us do better on our way toward consummation to welcome the beautiful future created by the Great Buddha Fa. Here, let us review Master's new poem together.


Rectifying the Colossal Firmament

How could the evil run rampant any longer?

Every single being's volition is fully revealed.

How could any being be outside this calamity?

I behold with a smile all of the Gods being unwise.