(Clearwisom.net) Wu Qingbin was a 36-year old male technician who worked at a petrochemical machine factory in Huainan city, Anhui province. He graduated from junior college and attained Dafa in June of 1999. Since he started his cultivation, he followed strictly Teacher's principles of Zhen (truthfulness), Shan (benevolence), Ren (forbearance). He bought, at his own expense, the radio-tape recorder and videocassette recorder used for the practice site and at his home to assist practitioners to practice the exercises and study the Fa. He also bought many Dafa books to provide convenience to practitioners for Fa study. He actively participated in Dafa spreading activities and did a large amount of work to assist new practitioners. He truly brought the virtues of cultivation into his work and daily life.

After July 20 of 1999, his work unit and Datong Police Substation summoned him many times and ordered him to stop practicing Dafa. He said, "Even if you put a knife to my neck, I will continue my practice." He also clarified the truth of Falun Gong to his unit and to the police. He also exposed the lies of the Chinese Central Television.

In March of 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal and was detained illegally for 15 days.

In the beginning of April 2000, he joined the group exercise in front of Datong Rest House. He was illegally detained and locked up in the second ward, No. 7 cell of the detention house in Huainan. While there he took the initiative to spread Dafa to prisoners and tell them how to be good persons. He also cared about them all the time. These actions gave the majority of prisoners a very good impression of Falun Gong. Many prisoners started learning Teacher's Hong Yin (poems) and practicing the exercises.

In the beginning of July, Wu Qingbin had described to superintendent Tao the illegal activities of certain prison instructors. The instructors were very angry and ordered prisoners to beat him. They also prohibited him from practicing the exercises. When he insisted on practicing the exercises, the instructors ordered prisoners to hit him. This caused him very serious chest pain and difficulties in walking.

By mid August, he had already been illegally locked up in Datong Labor Camp in Huainan for a year and a half. The beating he received in the second ward led to excess fluid in his chest and he had difficulties in movement. At the end of September he was released to have medical treatment. However, at the end of October, he was again locked up in Datong Labor Camp because he told the politics and law administrator of Datong that they should not treat the practitioners like that. He also told them about cultivation of Zhen, Shan, Ren and how to be a good person.

Around July 5, 2001, Wu Qingbin was released for medical treatment again. After he came out, he walked more than thirty miles to visit some practitioners. He also walked more than ten more miles to return to his hometown where some practitioners lived. He told one of the practitioners that in June, a traitor had brought five people to Datong Labor Camp to harass him. At that time, he pointed to this betrayer and said, "When the time comes, those who get eliminated first will be people like you." On July 19, the law and politic administrator of Datong and his family went to Shannan looking for Wu Qingbin and brought him back to Datong Labor Camp. On the next day, July 20, Wu Qingbin died in Datong Labor Camp after they poured massive amounts of urine down his throat.

August 4, 2001