Ross Cameron MP Federal Member for Parramatta Parliament of Australia House of Representatives

26 July 2001

Dear [name removed]

Congratulations on recently completing the WALK TO CANBERRA. I have ridden the route by bicycle so I have some appreciation of what's involved in travelling under your own steam.

Principles of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance are human ideals that transcend race, creed and religion. I commend you on your leadership in defending the right to practice these principles.

Your achievement has certainly awoken the hearts and minds of many Australians to the challenges practitioners of Falun Dafa face in other parts of the world. Frankly, I have seldom witnessed a grass roots, peoples movement, that has so successfully raised the profile of an issue in the public imagination, all over the world. My intuitive reaction to the issue is that your movement operates peacefully and productively here in Australia - why should it pose a threat to national security somewhere else?

Once again I congratulate you on your conviction and courage.

Yours Sincerely


Ross Cameron MP Federal Member for Parramatta