July 7, 2001

[Minghui Net] Zhou Fenglin, female, 32 years old, was a Falun Dafa practitioner from the Qingtan District of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Early this year, the vicious forces tortured her to death!

In November 2000 [Editor's note: it stated 2001 earlier as a typo made during translation], Zhou lawfully went to appeal for Falun Gong, but she was arrested by Qingtan District Police and tortured brutally. She was hung by her handcuffs for four days. Although it was winter, the guards forced her to remove her clothes, with only her underwear left, and constantly poured cold water all over her body.

Later, Zhou was transferred to the Xilin Detention Center in Changzhou. Because of her perseverance in her righteous belief and not yielding to the vicious forces, and because she appealed for her release by going on a hunger strike, she was overloaded with work during the day and not allowed to sleep at night. In addition, she was chained hanging consecutively for more than 10 days, and tortured on the "Forbidden Board" for 8 days. The "Forbidden Board" is the most severe punishment, used exclusively to torment death penalty prisoners. This punishment is so cruel that after only several hours on the board, a normal person would rather die than be tortured like that.

When other people detained in the same cell with Zhou found her in a life-threatening condition, they rang the bell to call for the guards. But the guards ignored it, which caused Zhou to die miserably on the "Forbidden Board."

Prior to that, Zhou's husband, Yang Canrong, also went to appeal lawfully. However, Yang was sentenced to three years in a labor camp without trial, with a five-year old son left at home.

After Zhou's death, the police tightly blocked the news, but it still leaked out. When Yang Canrong's elder sister, Yang Shundi, brought Zhou's five-year old son to the Qingtan District Police Station to inquire, she was detained there and sentenced to two years of forced labor. The five-year old was also detained in the police station. In addition, the police threatened the boy by every means. He was so scared that he urinated in his pants, but nobody cared or did anything. In the cold winter, the wet pants were left to dry only by the heat of the little boy's body.