[Minghui Net]

Female Falun Dafa practitioner Xu Zhilian has died. Witnesses say she was severely injured while trying to escape from police from the Chengdu City Police Department.

The incident took place on the evening of June 28, 2001 while the police were in the process of arresting Xu Zhilian in her home. Shots were fired before the police broke down the door. It is reported that Ms. Xu, age 31, tried to escape out the window but was injured. The four police officers said they would send her to the provincial hospital but did not allow her family to accompany them.

Her family was notified the next day that she had died. Her body is now in the funeral home of Wenjiang County in Sichuan Province.

Xu Zhilian was a teacher at the Fuqin Primary School in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. She lived in Zhangjianian, Group 1, in Chengdu. Her father, Xu Yangzhi and her mother live in Leping Village. Detailed information will soon follow.